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History of Wellston Street Names

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** Some of the neighborhood streets may be a little outside of current city limits

Acme Ave. (Extinct)
Archie Moore Dr.(Glen Echo Ave.)
Arthur Ave. (Lotus Ave.) (Garfield Ave.)
Annie Ave. (Stephen Jones Ave.)
Audrey Ave.
Barnes Ave. (Wells Ave.)
Bartmer Industrial Dr.
Beal Ave.
Beatrice Ave. (Julian Ave.)
Bertha Ave. (Geraldine Ave.)
Catalpa Ave (Theodosia Ave.)
Chatham Ave.
Cherry Ave.
Clemens Road (Hodiamont)
Cockrill St.
Cole Ave. (Watson Road) (Gay Ave.)(Page Ave.)
Cote Brilliant Ave.
Cottage Ave. (Wabada)
Curtis Ave. (Pl.) (Jesse Jackson Ave.)
Delaware (Emmet Ave.) (Stephen Jones Ave.)
Derby Ave.
Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. (Easton Ave.)
Evanston, Ave. (Catalpa) (Theodosia)
Evergreen Ave.
Easton Ave. ( Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.)
Elm Ave. (Cote Brilliant) (Evanston) (Erick Ave.)
Emmet Ave. (Delaware) (Stephen Jones Ave.)
Evanston Ave. (Elm Ave.)
Etzel Ave.
Etzel Terr.
Gambelton Pl.
Garfield Ave. (Lotus)
Geraldine Ave. (Bertha Ave.)
Glenchort Dr. (Current County Real estate
 spelling is "GLENECHORT DR"  Old original
1924 Fire maps, "Glencourt"....06/10/2007
Tsk Tsk    Stuff happens   Bob H.
Glen Echo Ave. (Archie Moore Dr.)
Greenwood Ave. (Extinct)
Grove Ave.
Hamburger Ave. (St. Louis Ave.)
Hays Ct. (Extinct)
Highland Ave.
Hobart Ave.
Hodiamont Ave. (Clemens Road)
Horton Pl.
James A. Harvey Ln. (Timberlake Ave.)
(Idadale Ave.)
Irving Ave.
Isadore (Morton)(R.M. Moore)
Isabella Ave
Jesse Jackson Ave. (Curtis Ave.)

Joseph Ave.
Julian Ave. (Beatrice Ave.)
Kienlen Ave.
Latta Ave. (Pl)
Leschen Ave.
Lenox Ave.
Lewis Ave. (Ogden)
Lindell Ave.
Lotus Ave. (Garfield) (Arthur Ave.)
Lucas and Hunt Rd.
Maple Ave.
Midway Pl. (Extinct) (Plymouth Ave.)
Minerva Ave.
Moll Pl.
Morton Ave. (Isadore) (R.M. Moore)

Mount Ave.
Myrtle Ave.
North Market (Extinct) (Private) (Wabada) (Cottage)

Oak Grove Ave.
Ogden Ave. (Lewis Ave.)


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Page Ave. (Cook) (Gay) (Watson)
Plymouth Ave. (Midway Pl.)
Ridge Ave.
R. M. Moore Ave. (Morton) (Isadore)
Robbins Ave. (Rockbrook Ave.)
Rockbrook Ave. (Robbins Ave.)
Ryan Terr. (Stedelin Ave.) (Wagner Terr.)
St. Charles Rock Road
St. Louis Ave. (Hamburger Ave.)
Salzman Ave.
Stephen Jones Ave. (Delaware Ave.) (Emmet Ave.) (Annie Ave)
Storey Ct. (Suburban Ct.)
Sparta Ct.
Spencer Ave.
Stedelin Ave. (Ryan Terr.) (Wagner Terr.)
Suburban Ct. (Storey Ct.)
Suburban Ave.
Sutter Ave.
Theodosia Ave. (Catalpa)
Timberlake Ave. (James A. Harvey Ln.)
Valle Ave.
Wabada Ave (Cottage) (N. Market)
Wabash Ave. (Extinct)
Wagner Ave.
Wagner terr. (Ryan Terr.) (Stedelin Ave.
Wagner Way
Watson Road (Cole) (Gay Ave.)(Page Ave.)
Wellington Ave (Extinct) (Werley Ave)
Wells Ave. (Barnes Ave.)
Wellsmar Ave.
Wellston Ave.
Wellston Pl.
Williams Ave.
Whitney Ave.
Werley Ave. (Wellington Ave.)

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