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Remember Wall Paper when it was paper?

   This is not a paid advertisement

                                   This is a tribute to a product we grew up with...!

During the depression 1930s and early 1940s, if  you were renting or just did not have much money,  for a dollar or less you could clean a room.  Sometimes it was three cans for twenty-nine cents, that's a lot less than a dollar.


We did not have Silly Putty, we did not have Play Dough, we had the Magic ball of Absorene.  Mom would show us five kids how to have fun wiping down the wallpaper.   In the 1930s when you rented and almost all you could make went for food, shoes and clothes, you did not replace anything if you could fix it first.  Clean it, sometimes we could paint it if the landlord furnished the paint. Sometimes we cleaned the wall covering which was paper. (Not the washable vinyl like today.)

Absorene from 1891 to now ..and still doing the job.

-----------  Advertising Copy  --------

"Paper and book cleaner, Absorene is a unique approach to cleaning prints, maps, books, manuscripts, paintings and tapestries. This dry cleaner works like an eraser. Simply wipe the surface in one direction. Absorbs dirt, dust or smoke film from most papers while it cleans."

 From 1891 to now ..and still doing the job. (If you can find it). The Magic Pink Ball

Remember "ROMPER ROOM" and "Do Bee"     Do Bee Dough was a product of the Absorene Manufacturing Company




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