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100 Years Ago In My Home Town

Wellston, St. Louis County, MO


The Astronomical Observatory of Rev. Irl R. Hicks, Sr.

Confederate Captain in the Civil War

Prisoner of War

Ordained Minister

World Famous Author and Publisher

The very first Mayor of
the first "City of Wellston"


  Hi!  My name is Bob and I was born in 1930, just outside the City limits of St. Louis, Missouri, in an unincorporated area called Wellston.  This story is not about me, but an interesting piece of history in my old home town. 


  Recently, I was researching a family and the land they owned in early St. Louis County, west of the city about six miles on the St. Charles Road.  It was not a large piece of ground, but it was located just right. It became a key part to the growth of our small world attached to the city limits of St Louis.   The family name was Kienlen and the street to his house was named for his family.  This story is not about Christian and Maria Kienlen.   It is about Rev. Irl R. Hicks' home on the street corner of Kienlen and Lotus Avenue.


 There was no "Wellston", when he first settled in the area.  Even as late as 1893, one book described the location as "At Wells Station, on the Suburban Electric Railroad, he has two acres of lawn surrounding a comfortable home, which has been christened "Skyview".  Here he has a fine telescope, through which thousands of visitors view the heavens without charge."


He was elected mayor of Wellston in 1910.    Click here  


 The location on current maps would be about  6219 Lotus, Wellston, Mo, 63133. (Over the last 100 years the street names changed. )

 "Ah, my boy," the Rev Irl R. Hicks said to a reporter in 1908, .
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Note this a photo of Rev. Irl R. Hick's home, ca 1899.  6207 Lotus, (was Arthur Garfield Ave), Wellston, MO Click Photo to enlarge.
Photo submitted by the Great Grand Daughter...   THANKS

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