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The Wellston Loop Design Ideas!
Washington University Project
Summer 2007
See What You Can Design for the Wellston Loop!

Thanks to Don Moehlenkamp, Class of '50 and Joan Thoss '49 for sending in this article about the Wellston Loop

Wellston, St. Louis County, Missouri

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Thanks to Bob Hansman, Associate Professor of Architecture, Washington University,  for permission to use this article.
Over the past few years, Bob's students also did projects for Cuba and Bourbon, Missouri.

More about Bob Hansman, here: "Perseverance personified"  "Having conquered cancer, Bob Hansman brings art education to at-risk kids. "   Article dated September 20, 2002 Washington People RECORD    THIS is a very uplifting read!!!          Webmaster


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The Wellston Station in St. Louis was constructed by the United Railway company in 1901. Located on a transfer point between major streetcar lines, the station was the largest waiting station in the city and the only one still standing. The station served the Wellston Loop, which by 1940 had become one of the busiest streetcar transfer points in the country. The station was also the termination point for the city's last streetcar line. The station is nominated for its architectural significance as well as its role in the transformation of St. Louis's mass transit system

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