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Along with the GPS pages, this index to all the locations featured in my magazine column should aid researchers and other ghost towners in finding the appropriate articles in which a specific location was mentioned.  Please be advised I DO NOT sell or give away copies of those articles, other than the few copies of extra magazines I have available on my website catalogue.


If you do not have copies of the articles, contact Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine and you can purchase the appropriate back issues from them.


Please note: 

  • This feature is being done in a tabular form to save space. 
  • A full index for all the state pages is listed below the tables.
  • Where a town has the following notice – (NO Ghost), it is not a ghost town but is either featured for its historical value, or mentioned in the article. 
  • Where there is a date like this – Aug 2008*, the * indicates a single subject feature.
  • Items marked (mention) are only mentioned in the article, without any details.
  • Where a location has – SEE Town - that is an alternative name as used in the article.
  • The Silver & Gold annual is noted below as AG&AU-year.










(The) ABC’s of Ghost Towning

General Ghost towning topics

Oct 1999

A Ghost Town Book Bonanza

Ghost Towing books

Oct 1987

A Journey Down the Backroads & Boondocks of Research

Basic Ghost Town Research – Part 3

Oct 2016

A Treasured Birthday

W & ET’s 40th birthday

Mar 2006

A License to Collect

Collecting License Plates

Oct 1992

Advanced Urban Ghost Towning

Finding urban ghost towns – part 2

Jan 2007

Basic Urban Ghost Towning

Finding urban ghost towns – part 1

Dec 2006

(The) Brass Rat

Returning a class ring

Feb 2010

(The) Call of Gold

Gold Rushes

Dec 1991

Capturing the Memories

Ghost town photography

Aug 1990

Computerized Ghost Towns

Using a computer for Ghost Town Research

Nov 1994

Dead Relatives & Living History

Basic ghost town Internet research

Sep 2003

Discovering & Exploring America’s Byways

Seeking out maps for the smallest roads/byways

Aug 2012

Emergency Awareness

In case of an emergency – what do you do?

Nov 1992

Exploring America’s Best

Finding ghost towns near you

Aug 2003

Exploring & Discovering Ghost Towns 101

Basic Ghost Town Research – Part 1

Aug 2016

Fear Not! – Map Research Made Easy

Map research techniques

May 2007

Ghostly Glass

Bottle collecting

Oct 1988

Gordo’s Gold & Diamond Ring

TH’ing storm cut beaches

AG & AU 1986

How DO You Find So Many Ghost Towns?

Basic Ghost Town Research – Part 2

Sep 2016

How to Find Property Owners

Researching & finding the owners of private property

Nov 1993

How to Organize a Working Treasure File

Tips & techniques to establishing a good file system

Mar 1984

How to Research Ghost Towns

Techniques to find forgotten ghost towns through research

May 2005

I’m a Junk Collectibles Collector

Relic collecting

Oct 1994

Licensepl8ology – Collecting License Plates

Collecting License Plates

Nov 2008

Lookin’ for Treasure in All the Right Places

Researching treasure locations

Aug 1994

Putting It All Together

Basic Ghost Town Research – Part 4

Nov 2016

(The) Quest Continues

Long Distance Research methods

Oct 1985

Questioning the Obvious

Sifting treasure tales for real clues – dismissing the hype

Feb 2008

Relic Hunting in Ghost Towns

How to relic hunt in ghost towns

Oct 1992

Requiem for the Eastern Mojave

What’s going to happen - Desert Protection Act passed

Dec 1994

Research & the Successful Treasure Hunt

Research basics (1st W&ET article, 2nd overall)

May 1980

Research Nuts ‘ Bolts

Researching ghost towns – the basics

Jun 1989

Road Trip!

Successful multiple generation roadtrips

Dec 2014

Safe Journeys

Safety while exploring in ghost towns

Jun 2003


Thinking “out of the box” style research

Aug 2010

Seeking the Odd & Unusual

Looking outside the box for unusual ghost towns

Oct 2003

Speedy Information Services

Researching via 800 numbers

May 1992

There’s Ghosts in Them Thar Hills

Researching ghost towns

Apr 1988

There’s Gold in Them Thar Sand Dunes

Treasure hunting sand dunes for lost coins

Feb 1985

(The) Trail of Hope

Mormon Trail

Dec 1997

(The) Treasure of License Plate Gulch

Finding hundreds of license plates in a desert canyon

Jun 1983

What a Ride!

20th Anniversary Column

Apr 2004



State-by state index:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Canada, International, Research & other misc articles.




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