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WELCOME TO – ON THE ROAD AGAIN WITH GHOST TOWN USA.  This series of travel-related webpages on Ghost Town USA is designed to share some of the ghost towns and other interesting places that lie along America’s highways and byways, many of which are not featured elsewhere on my site - yet.  Each tour will be a compendium of my adventures along these travel routes, and will also be linked to photos, and various ghost towns throughout the rest of the Ghost Town USA site.  The purpose of this series is not to be the be-all and end-all of online travel guides, nor am I trying to compete with the various Internet groups that have a high presence on the ‘Net for these highways.  Some of these groups like the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association, and Historic Route  as well as many others, give detailed, turn-by-turn descriptions, map out and discover old highway routings, share historic photos and other trivia.  These are excellent groups and perfect for hardcore “Roadies.” 


My idea for ON THE ROAD AGAIN is a little different, much more informal.  Sure, these vignettes will contain lots of photos and detailed information, but these travelogues are NOT going to be scholarly, in-depth historical guides to everything about the route from beginning to end.  These pages will share MY journeys, adventures and experiences along portions of America’s “Blue Highways.” I’m going to share what I SAW and what I EXPERIENCED. In general, ON THE ROAD AGAIN will NOT cover the entire highway route from beginning to end, along with all its historical permutations, trivia and routings.  It may be similar to, or even run counter to what already well-established sites and associations present.  But, as mentioned above, these will be what I experienced along the portion of the highway I explored.  Side excursions will be encouraged and shared.  Also, please note the date of the journeys.  Historic sites change.  Ghost towns disappear or become unghostly.  A new town pops up where none existed before.  That is part of the joy of travel, discovering new things that others have missed, OR, that others have not shared.  Again, what is presented here will be what was there on the specific date I was there.


Travel can be categorized in two basic types:  DESTINATION and JOURNEY.  Destination travel is getting from Point A to Point B as fast as you can, and in the most direct manner possible.  Journey travel is where Point B may be the ultimate destination, but the “journey” between Point A and Point B is the important factor.  Destination travel is for Type A people – rush – rush – rush.  Journey travel is for those who want to take things a bit slower and enjoy the ride, savor the adventure of new discoveries, not focused on the end result.  The best way to participate and enjoy this type of travel is to “GET THEE OFF THE INTERSTATE.  This will be our mantra.  Let’s all see what is hidden or forgotten about along the old highways, experience nostalgia, see where life happened, visit now ghosted tourist traps.  My goal is to show you, the casual traveler, that there is a lot to see and do, and a tremendous amount of enjoyment and satisfaction to be had from discovering fun new places to visit.  Also, slow down and enjoy the journey.  Life goes way too fast as it is, and often when we travel, we just jump on the Superslab (Interstate Highway) and zip as fast as we can - without being caught - to our destination.  How ‘bout if we slow down and make the journey our ultimate destination? 


A number of years ago, Nissan used the following slogan in a series of advertisements:  “Life is a journey.  Enjoy the ride.”  They obviously focused on their cars, but we can use that same slogan and apply it to our travel methods.  “Life is a journey.  Enjoy the ride.” 


With that in mind, let’s use that slogan for ON THE ROAD AGAIN.  In fact, we could modify it slightly – THE ROAD IS A JOURNEY.  ENJOY THE RIDE!”




Journeys to enjoy – Roads to explore


·       Ring around O’ahu – Hawai’i – Coming Soon

o   Part 1: The West/Lee Shore

o   Part 2: The South Shore (Greater Honolulu area)

o   Part 3: The East/Windward Shore

o   Part 4: The North Shore


·        US Highway 6:  From Bishop, CA to Price, UT – OUR FIRST JOURNEY

o   Part 1: Bishop, CA to the CA/NV State Line.

o   Part 2: CA/NV State Line to Tonopah, NV

o   Part 3: Tonopah to Warm Springs, NV

o   Part 4: Warm Springs, NV to NV/UT State Line

o   Part 5: NV/UT State Line to the Tintic Mining District, UT

o   Part 6: The Tintic Mining District to Price, UT

o   Part 7: Coal Mining Camps west of Price, UT


·       US HIGHWAY 66: California Portion - Coming Soon


·       US Highway 80:  Yuma to Gila Bend, AZ

o   Part 1: Yuma to Mohawk

o   Part 2: Mohawk to Gila Bend





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