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Canada is a huge country, larger than the United States.  Like the USA, plays host to thousands of ghost towns, near ghost towns, semi-ghost towns, and tiny backwater burgs that have faded greatly from their peak times. Whether they are former mining camps/towns, stagecoach stops, military posts, agricultural hamlets, roadside way stations, railroad boomtowns, or colonial settlements they all have a common thread. They were founded by a group of industrious citizens, they boomed, and when the flush times passed, they faded and began to die. Some disappeared completely, while some still have remaining buildings. Others still have a small resident population keeping a watch over things. Some may be located way out in the boonies, and others right in the heart of modern towns and cities.   

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Wherever they are located (anywhere in the world!), and whatever remains at the site, they are still of interest to the followers of Ghost Town
USA! When you are out exploring, always remember how fragile these rickety relics are. Always treat them with respect and please abide by the Ghost Towner's Code of Ethics. In that way they may last a little longer and be available for someone else (or YOU!) to visit next year.

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Walking hand-in-hand with ghost towns are many tales of lost treasure. If you enjoy reading about these legendary stories of lost riches, visit one of
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Please note. This site is in process of constant construction and remodeling.  If you have any ideas for improvement, or know of any locations not listed that you'd like to see listed, please let us know.  I will give you credit for any information you give me that I post, unless you request to not be mentioned.


For a more comprehensive listing of ghost towns in each state, The Ghost Town Guru is putting together guides to the ghost towns of each US state.  These extensive listings expand greatly on what is shown on the various web pages on this site.


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