Patrick Henry Boys Injured

Son of Myrtle and Charles Naylor was honored
by the Minneapolis Minnesota Press in this clip

Three former Patrick Henry athletes were thrown for a loss in Korea during the last week. It was a different kind of a game, however, than these clean cut American boys were used to playing. It was a game where death stalked in the backfield, blood was being shed for greed, lust and world power instead of glory for the school.

Jerry hallman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hallman, 4315 Emerson Ave. N., is today lying in a hospital in Korea receiving treatment for an injured right hand. Jerry played basketball and baseball at Henry.

Jerry doesn't know it, but his pal, Dennis Naylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Naylor, 3606 Emerson Ave. N., injured in the same battle has been flown back from Korea and is now in a hospital at San Antonio, Texas, receiving treatment for injury to ohis eye and other facial wounds he recieved. Dennis called his mother from San Francisco last Saturday. Dennis is also a former Henry athlete.

Al Langley, the third member of the trio, is receiving treatment for a leg injuries, in Korea. He is the son of Mrs. Dorothy Llangley, 4139 Penn Ave. N., and participated in sports at Henry.

The three boys were trained in the artillery at Fort Sill Okla. They have been constant companions through high school and in the service. Sent overseas they were transferred into the infantry and on their second day in the hills of Korea received their wounds.

Three more boys are maimed and wounded. And yet a world of sensible men can not sit down to peace tables and settle matters that should not have to be accomplished through the sacrifice of our American youth.

America is not to blame. Neither are the boys.

If you can pray, wouldn't it be a good idea to offer up a few prayers asking God that these useless wars may cease?

Dennis Naylor is my cousin. He lost his eye from this injury. I'm sure there were many other newspapers that published something like this during this time in our history.

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