Towns of Addison County

Town Date Formed Villages & Communities Within
Addison  1761 Addison, West Addison.
Brideport  1761 Bridport, West Bridport.
Bristol  1762 Bristol, Rocky Dale
Cornwall  1761 Cornwall, West Cornwall
Ferrisburgh  1762 Basin Harbor, Ferrisburgh, Ferrisburgh Station, North Ferrisburgh
Goshen 1782 Goshen, Goshen Four Corners
Granville 1781 Granville, Lower Granville
Hancock 1781 Hancock
Leicester 1761 Leicester, Leicester Junction
Lincoln 1780 Downingville, Lincoln, South Lincoln, West Lincoln
Middlebury 1761 East Middlebury, Middlebury.
Monkton 1762 East Monkton, Monkton Boro, Monkton Ridge
New Haven 1761 New Haven, New Haven Junction, New Haven Mills, Beldens/Beldens Falls [historical] and Brooksville [historical].
Orwell 1763 Orwell
Panton 1761 Panton
Ripton 1781 Ripton
Salisbury 1761 Salisbury, Salisbury Station, West Salisbury
Shoreham 1761 Shoreham, Shoreham Center
Starksboro 1780 Rockville, South Starksboro, Starksboro
Vergennes 1788 Vergennes
Waltham 1796  
Weybridge 1761 Weybridge, Weybridge Hill.
Whiting 1763 Whiting

Map of Addison County Vermont.Vermont Historical Gazetteer A LOCAL HISTORY OF ALL THE TOWNS IN THE STATE Civil, Educational, Biographical, Religious and Military.

Volume I: (1867) History of Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden and Essex county towns.

A gazetteer of Vermont, containing descriptions of all the counties, towns, and districts in the state; and of all its principal mountains, rivers, waterfalls, harbors, islands, and curious places. To which are added, statistical accounts of its agriculture, commerce and manufactures; with ... other useful information (1849) NOTE: This book is available online in various formats.

ADDISON - Addison, West Addison.

  • Town of Addison from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • History of the town of Addison
  • Addison Town Clerk:
    65 VT Route 17W - Addison, VT 05491; Phone: (802) 759-2020
    Mailing Address: 7099 VT Route 22A - Addison, VT 05491.
  • Addison Town Historical Society
    Old Town Hall, Addison, VT
    Mailing Address: 3968 VT Route 22A, Addison, VT 05491
    Phone: (802) 759-2380

BRIDPORT - Bridport, West Bridport.

BRISTOL - Bristol, Rocky Dale. 

CORNWALL - Cornwall, West Cornwall.

FERRISBURGH - Basin Harbor, Ferrisburgh, Ferrisburgh Station, North Ferrisburgh. 

GOSHEN - Goshen, Goshen Four Corners.

GRANVILLE - Granville, Lower Granville.


  • Town of Hancock from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Hancock Town Clerk:
    48 VT Route 125
    (Mailing address: P.O Box 100 - Hancock, VT 05748); 
    Phone: (802) 767-3660.

LEICESTER - Leicester, Leicester Junction. 

LINCOLN - Downingville, Lincoln, South Lincoln, West Lincoln.

  • Town of Lincoln from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Lincoln Historical Society: Quaker Street - Lincoln, VT
    Mailing Address: c/o Town Clerk, Lincoln, VT 05443; 
    Phone: (802) 453-3628.
  • Town of Lincoln, VT
  • Lincoln Town Clerk:
    62 Quaker Street, Lincoln, VT 05443-9253;
    Phone: 802-453-2980.

MIDDLEBURY - East Middlebury, Middlebury.

MONKTON - East Monkton, Monkton Boro, Monkton Ridge.

NEW HAVEN - New Haven, New Haven Junction, New Haven Mills, Beldens/Beldens Falls [ historical] and Brooksville [historical].

Beldens (aka Beldens Falls) and Brooksville were located in southern New Haven township, north of Middlebury.


  • Town of Orwell  from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Town Lotting Plan Map of Orwell, Vermont, from a photographic copy of a map traced by F. H. Dewart, 1923, from the town clerk’s original parchment plan of Orwell as decipherable.  Document in pdf format.
  • Orwell Town Clerk: 
    436 Main Street – Orwell, VT
    Mailing address: P.O Box 32 - Orwell, VT 05760; 
    Phone: (802) 948-2032.


Town of Panton  from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.

Town of Panton, Vermont

Panton Town History

Panton Town Clerk:
3176 Jersey Street - Panton, VT 05491; 
Phone: (802) 475-2333.


SALISBURY - Salisbury, Salisbury Station, West Salisbury.

SHOREHAM - Shoreham, Shoreham Center.

STARKSBORO - Rockville, South Starksboro, Starksboro.



  • Town of Waltham from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Waltham Town Clerk:
    2053 Maple Street – Waltham, VT
    Mailing address: P. O. Box 175 - Vergennes, VT 05491; 
    Phone: (802) 877-3641


  • Town of Weybridge from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Weybridge Town Clerk:
    1727 Quaker Village Road – Weybridge, VT  05753; 
    Phone: (802) 545-2A50


  • Town of Whiting from Vermont Historical Gazetteer.
  • Whiting Town Clerk:
    29 South Main Street - Whiting, VT 05778; 
    Phone: (802) 623-7813.