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Guidelines for posting messages on the Addison County Message Board

Messages should NOT be posted that include:

  • A copyright infringement
  • Offensive or malicious material
  • A commercial, fee for service, or advertising message

Messages should NOT be posted that are: 

  • Inappropriate for the scope of the board.  For example, an “inappropriate" post would be a posting to the Addison County County, VT board, which makes no mention of any Addison County County connection.
  • A "seeking information" (query) type message with a non-query (data) menu classification selection. 

Surname Box: 

Only surnames (last names) should be listed in the Surname Box, and each should be separated by a comma. 

The Surname Box is used to index the surnames in your message and is NOT to be used for listing surnames not included in the message text.

Classifications (drop down menu): 

Screenshot of message boar dropdown.

Use this menu to select from a list of data types. 

Data categories (non-query) should only be selected when you are posting actual data and not queries about data. For example, a query about a will is still a query. The menu item for wills should not be selected for queries.