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Lieutenant William Williams (1800.......1834)


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  • Born : 12 July 1800 
  • Where Born : Kilkeeny
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 1823
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Rank attained : Lieutenant
  • Regimental # :
  • Date of Enlistment : Cornet 11 dragoons 10 Sep 1812 Age on Entrance 12 years
  • Transfered : Ensign 40th Foot 10 May 1822 
  • Transfered :Lieuteant 57th Reg at foot Sept 1824
  • Transfered :Lieuteant 40th foot Sept 1826 by exchange
  • Date of Discharge : 23 November 1834
  • Where Discharged : died in Service
  • Died : 23 November 1834
  • Where Died / Buried : Colabar Bombay India
  • Parents Names : William Williams (b........d.) and Elizabeth Finn(b........d.)
  • Spouse's Name : Jane Reid
  • Born : 1815
  • Where Born : Scotland
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : Mar 1822
  • Ship Arrived on : " Castle Forbes "
  • Date Married :16April 1829
    Where Married : Van Diemens Land
  • Died : 1885
  • Where Died / Buried : Bothwell
  • Spouse's Parents : Alexander Reid (b........d.)and Mary Muirhead (b........d.)

  • Descendants

  • Information kindley supplied Rosalie Raftis

    Area Settled :
    Jane lived at “Ratho” Bothwell, Tasmania
    Children :
    History & Achievements :
    Jane returned to Tasmania after Williams death, she lived with her family until her death (she died in her 80's) and never remarried.  She was one of the oldest most respected pioneers in Tasmania and her journals form a great part of Clyde Company Papers Vol 1 and 2
    Paternal grandfather was an eminent bookseller in Dublin and maternal grandfather founded Finn's Leinster Journal one of Irelands longest running newspapers.  His father died in Salamanca, his eldest brother James was Surgeon British Army and became Inspector General of Hospitals, eldest sister a nun, Sister of Charity twin sister nun Parramatta and Hobart, youngest brother Port Phillip Pioneer- auctioneer, lots of interesting information.  His constable was P.W. Welsh who went up the social scale and down again. 
    Lt. William Williams 40th Regiment and police magistrate of the Clyde District until his regiment was posted to India about 1830.  He was returning to VDL in 1834 but died of Cholera (most likely) and his widow, all of 2 years) returned home alone and became a loved and well respected pioneer.His story is most fascinating, his father died a heroic death in Salamanca which is recorded in Napiers "History of the Peninsular War) and Williamwas awarded his father's cornetcy at the age of 12. 

    William was awarded his father’s cornetcy in the 11th Light Dragoons at the age of 12.  His father had died a heroic death on the battlefield in Salamanca during the Peninsular War (this is recorded in William Napier’s History of the Peninsular War, Vol.5 p 150).He attained the rank of Luietenant without purchase with the 57th Regt. and was exchanged with Lt. Curtain of the 40th Regiment of foot.  William became the Police Magistrate for the district of Clyde and was involved in a clash with Matthew Brady, bushranger (this is documented in several books regarding Brady and other bushrangers).  He also was responsible for a church being provided for the community of Bothwell.  His regiment was posted to India and William and his bride Jane Reid settled in Bombay . Due to lack of funds William was unable to purchase a higher rank and had difficulty in coping financially until he studied Hindu and became a translator.  Just before William and Jane were to embark on a ship to return to Tasmania William became ill with fever and died on 23 Nov 1834 and Jane returned alone, widowed at the age of 20. She went on to become one of Van Deimen’s Land oldest pioneers and many of her letters and journals are recorded in “The Clyde Company Papers” by P.L. Brown.

    Williams twin sister Eliza was the first woman to profess vows in Australia and became Rev Mother M. Xavier Williams of Sisters of Charity Hobart.

    His youngest brother Charles Williams was an auctioneer in Port Phillip and related to various families including, Langhornes, Von Stieglitz and Belcher (Hon. G.F. Belcher was his brother in law).

    Other siblings held prominent positions in Ireland.

    His maternal grandfather founded “Finn’s Leinster Journal” in Kilkenny, a very old newspaper and his paternal grandfather was a prominent bookseller in Dublin.

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