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Left London 21 Feb 1835 Arr NSW 17 July 1835

24 Major John MESSITER. rose to Lt. Col. Infant dau died parramatta 4 Mar 1843
Capt. Charles Ferdinand Hamilton SMITH Embarked as a Lt. Served Parramatta and Port Macquarie Appointed Capt.26 Dec 1837 thence Harpers Hill & Port Phillip. retired 23 Apr 1841.
114 Sgt. Francis McKEON returned to UK in Trusty 21 Mar 1840
294 Cpl William FLOOD returned to UK in Henry Porcher 13 Feb 1842
639 Cpl William MILLER Served in Parramatta, Maitland, (reduced to Pte) Newcastle, Sydney, Pennant Hills . was still in Sydney when Rgt sailed to India.
544 Cpl William WOODS Served at Parramatta, Maitland, (reduced tp Pte ) Newcastle Pennant Hills Sydney. transferred to 80th Rgt 1st June 1842
536 Drummer Arthur McDERMOTT Parramatta & Sydney. To India 23 Aug 1842 Died in the Cholera epidemic 5 Sept 1842.
796 BADDER William went on to India
363 BISANSON William went on to India
880 BLACK James went on to India
890 BLAKEMAN Thomas Served Sydney, Newcastle, Pennant Hille deserted 15 Apr 1840
838 BROWNE Joseph Served Parramatta, Maitland, Harpers Hill, Pennant Hills. Gaoled in Sydney. Transported 17 Nov 1840
292 CARLTON Martin served Parramatta, Maitland, Harpers Hill, Pennant Hills Died Parramatta 24 sept 1839
755 CARROLL James Served Parramatta, Newcastle, Sydney Died Parramatta 27 Jan 1840
982 DRAPER John Went on to India
737 FARRELL Bernard Went on to India
942 GARDNER James Went on to India died in Cholera epidemic 5 Sept 1842
725 GREER Joseph Went on to India died in Cholera epidemic 6 Sept 1842
701 HAMILL John Went on to India
732 HARVEY Patrick Went on to India. Raised to Cpl thence Sgt 23 Sept 1842
695 JORDAN William Went on to India
875 McMURRAY George Went on to India died of Cholera 7 Sept 1842
344 MOORE Robert Served Parramatta, Maitland, Newcastle. Died Newcastle 26 July 1836
485 O'DONNELL Patrick Served Parramatta, Newcastle, Pennant Hills, Towrang Sydney. Court martialled and transported 31 mar 1842
244 NEWMANN William Parramatta, Port Macquarie, Harpers Hill Invalided home in Ewerata 7 Mar 1839
669 REGAN Dennis Served Parramatta, Maitland, Harpers Hill, Pennant Hills, Sydney Transferred to 80th Rgt. 1st June 1842
317 ROONEY John Went on to India. Invalided home from Bombay in Maitland 19 Jan.1843
905 SHARKEY James Went on to India Died from Cholera 5 Sept 1842
707 SULLIVAN John Served Parramatta Newcastle. Discharged by Purchase 31 Mar 1838
352 TULLY Michael Served Parramatta, Newcastle, Harpers Hill, Sydney Died Parramatta 16 July 1839
793 WELLS Ezekiel Served Parramatta, Maitland, (raised to Cpl1 Dec 1835) Newcastle 17 Mile Hollow, 24 Mile Hollow (raised to Sgt.9 May r 1839. Towrang. Pennant Hills. Sydney Discharged Sydney 31 Mar 1841 on payment of 15 }
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