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Colour Sergeant William Warren (........1894.)

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The above Colour Sergeant served with 65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot in New Zealand from 18 May 1846 to 1 Jan 1866.  

New Zealand National Archives show that Warren received a 'Chelsea Pension' and that the date of admission was 1 Jan 1867.   His residence was shown as 'stated to reside in New Zealand only' and that payment of pension at the rate of 1/7d a day started 1 Oct 1867.   'Other Details' state 'Transferred Certificate dated 21 January 1867.   Paid at Deptford to the 30 September 1867.   Transferred to Wellington'.   There is an implication in the last that he may have returned to England and there travelled back to NZ. 

I do know that William Warren lived, died (28 Jul 1894) and is buried in Wellington and in fact married in Wellington in 1855 and appeared to have fathered at least six children there, so it would appear unlikely that he would return to England with the Regiment.



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