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Private Henry Warnham (c.1824.......1850)


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  • Born : circa 1824
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment :
  • Where Enlisted :
  • Date of Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 1st October 1850. age 26
  • Where Died / Buried : Rope Rock. Norfolk Island. / His Body never recovered
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants
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    From a monument at Headstone Point.
    This inscription refers to one part of a triple tragedy. At Headstone Point, on the Southwestern part of Norfolk Island, there is a monument with an inscription reading as follows:
    "In memory of Henry Warnham aged 26 years and Peter Heffernan aged 22 years Privates of H M 99th Regt October 1850. Their bodies not having been found this stone was erected to mark the spot by their affectionate comrades.
    In the midst of life we are in death"
    Note that the last part of this inscription is identical to that on Turner's grave.
    Sacred to the Memory of Charles Turner aged 20 years Private of her Majesty's 99th Regt of Foot who was accidentally drowned when fishing at Rope Rock on the 1st October 1850.
    This stone is erected by his affectionate comrades.
    In the midst of life we are in death".
    The register of 'Deaths in the District of Norfolk Island' for 1850 records:
    'No.12 1 Oct 1850 Heffernan, Peter. Aged 22 years.
    Private soldier 99th Regt.
    Accidentally drowned.
    No. 13 1 Oct 1850 Turner, Charles. Aged 20 years.
    Private soldier 99th Regt.
    Accidentally drowned.
    No. 14 1 Oct 1850 Warnham, Henry, Aged 26 years.
    Private soldier 99th Regt.
    Accidentally drowned.
    'Rope Rock' was apparently the basaltic cliff at Headstone Point,
    still a favorite fishing spot and still dangerous.
    The most recent drowning there was in 1969.
    It appears that after the drowning of the three soldiers the only body recovered was that of Turner, the remaining two being commemorated by the monument near the site of the drowning.
    There is an interesting legend on the Island that fits with the story.
    It is said that a convict named Barney Duffy escaped and lived for some years in the hollow of a huge Norfolk Island pine tree.
    Until recent years the tree was pointed out as 'Barney Duffy's Pine'.
    The story goes that Duffy was captured whilst robbing a garden and that he was subsequently executed.
    Before he died he is said to have cursed the soldiers who caught him and forecast their early deaths.
    Thus Turner, Heffernan and Warnham met their end.

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