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Corporal Henry Walker (c.1831......1903)

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Area Settled :
Children :
1 . Louisa Mary Walker (.......) married Charles Davis
Margaret Eliza Davis Louisa travelled to NZ with Margaret and her husband Thomas Gooch after she was widowed, later marrying in NZ
2 . Robert Henry James Walker
3 . William John Walker
4 . Henrietta Walker
5 . Susan Margaret Harriet Walker
History & Achievements :
My Great Great Great Grandfather Henry Walker was married 22/11/1858. His Marriage certificate lists his occupation as "Corporal HM 40th Regt Foot" and his usual residence as "Spencer St Barracks". He married at the age of 27 and was born in Halberton Devonshire England. His son-in-law Francis Stone's obituary in 1957 reads in part "He married Miss Susan Walker, daughter of the late Mr Harry Walker of HM 40th Regiment and also of Halberton, Newbridge-on-Loddon"Catherine and Henry James Walker (Corporal with HM 40th Regiment Foot.)were married November 22, 1858 at the Catherine's usual residence stated as "Spencer St". Noted as"Widow, from Husband died 1856" with 4 children all dead. No mention ismade of Louisa, her first child with Henry, who was 5 months old at the time of their marriage!!!! Henry's usual residence stated as "Spencer St
Louisa was born June 20, 1858 at Spencer St, Melbourne, Vic, Aust. The informant was her mother Catherine Walker who could not sign her own name but made her mark with an X. She stated falsely that she was
married to Henry Walker in 1857 whereas she was not actually married until Nov 1858, when Louisa was 5 months old. She does not mention her previous family on this certificate. The birth was not registered until
15 Sep and is followed by the birth registration of Emily Mary Williams who was born on 22 Aug 1858. The father was Thomas Williams, Soldier 40th Regt. The birth was registered by her mother B. Williams (also born
in Ireland) who was able to sign her own name. She may have been a friend of Catherine's and taken her along to register the births together. Thomas and his wife were married in Adelaide.

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