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Colour Sergeant Donald Sutherland (.1786....1865..)


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  • Born : 1786
  • Where Born : Scotland
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Regimental Number :
  • Date Arrived : 28  December 1809
  • Ship Arrived on : " Dromedary"
  • Rank on Discharge : Colour Sergeant
  • Date of Enlistment :
  • Where Enlisted :
  • Date of Discharge : 18August 1815
  • Where Discharged : Ceylon returning to Port Dalrymple
  • Died : Dec 1865 age 79
  • Where Died / Buried : Evandale /St Andrews Presbyterian Section
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Marianne Taylor
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Born : 1795
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Home Duties
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on : " Canada "
  • Died : Dec 1864 age 69
  • Where Died / Buried : Evandale /St Andrews Presbyterian Section
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants
    This information was kindly supplied by Rossly Hamilton E-mail . Roslyn is a descendant of Colour Sergeant Donald Sutherland through John and Adam Sutherland .
    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1 . John Sutherland (b.1813......d.), Married: Mary Ann Clayton (b.......d.)
    2 . William Sutherland (.b1816,....d.1839. )
    3 . Rosetta Sutherland (.b1818....d.), Married: John Cornish. (b.......d.)
    4 . Doanld Sutherland (b.1820...d.), Married Henrietta Moore. (b.......d.)
    5 . Adam Sutherland ( b. 1822...d)Married Anne Pitcher (b.......d.)
    6 . Maryann Sutherland (.b 1826...d. 1834. )
    7 . Jane Sutherland (b.1829....d.)Married William Whittle. (b.......d.)
    8 . Sarah Sutherland (b.1836....d)

    History & Achievements :

    Sergeant Donald Sutherland of the 73rd Regiment accompanied Governor Lachlan Macquarie to Australia
    in 1809 on the Dromedary, arriving in NSW and anchoring at Port Jackson on 28th December 1809, and disembarking from the Dromedary on 1st Jan 1810. Donald Sutherland was part of the original 73rd Highlander's Regiment, prior to being under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Lachlan Maquarie .

    Detachments of the 73rd were sent out in the course of the following two months after their arrival in NSW

    to Newcastle, Parramatta, Derwent (Hobart Town), Norfolk Island and Port Dalrymple. Donald Sutherland was sent to Port Darlymple in 1810 , one of the settlements in Van Dieman's Land . The Detachment were responsible for the supervising of convict work parties, policing duties, hunting down bushrangers and providing for the colony's defence. Donald Sutherland remained in Port Dalrymple until 1814. Donald was accounted for in the first Muster of the 73rd Regiment in Australia in 1810/11, in the Port Dalrymple Muster figures.

    The 73rd was shipped out to Ceylon, Donald leaving on the HMS 'Windham ' in 1814, departing Sydney

    Cove 4th April 1814 , and was noted as Colour Sargeant. He was Discharged at the end of his term on August 18th , 1815 and returned to Australia/ Tasmania .

    Donald Sutherland DOB 1786 Scotland, married Marianne Taylor, in 1819, at St John's, Lauceston

    Tasmania. He has 8 children with Marianne Taylor Rosslyn's line of this family is descendent from 1/ John Sutherland and 2/ Adam Sutherland John's 3rd son, Donald Sutherland DOB: 1845, married his cousin , Adam's, 2nd daughter Maryanne Sutherland in 1875.

    The Sutherland children Married into the Cornish , Whittle, Moore, Clayton, Pitcher families, some of these

    families being the earliest settlers in Tasmania. Some of the Sutherland descendants moved to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand in the later parts of the 1800's and early 1900's. The Cornish's and the Whittle sides remained in Tasmania.

    Donald received Land grants in the North Esk River Area, and named his property "Watery Plains" in

    White Hills. Watery Plains was left to Rosetta Cornish, Donald Sutherland's first daughter upon his death in 1865. Rosetta Cornish in turn left "Watery Plains " to her daughters, Ada Jane Cornish and Amelia Rose Whittle. This property remained in Cornish and Whittle hands well into the 20th century, however in the last 20 years has passed out of the Families hands. Donald Sutherland Died in Dec 1865, Age 79, and is buried at Evandale, at the St Andrews Presbyterian Section Marianne Sutherland Dec 1864, Age 69, and is buried at Evandale, at the St Andrews Presbyterian Section

    The following information from book "Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls" by Phillip

    Tardif................Pages 88/89 TAYLOR, ANN (or Mary) Police No. 18, Convicted At: Surrey Assizes Convicted date & sentence: 8 Aug 1809, Life (death recorded) Transported for: Housebreaking Colonial Experiences............ 1812: July Arrived at Port Dalrymple from Sydney on board the Lady Nelson. Remarks: Infamous 1819: Married to Donald Sutherland at Launceston. 1821: Muster, Wife of D. Sutherland, Port Dalrymple. Free Sources 1, 2, 5-7, 20, 22, 26 Tasmanian CD Convict No. 75698 Surname Taylor Given name Ann Ship name "Lady Nelson" Arrival date 29 June 1812 CON13/1 page 28 Remarks - to NSW per "Canada"
    Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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