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Surnames of the 1/50th Regiment Soldiers who stayed

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50th Foot West Kent Queen's Own Regiment
V1837 2055 21      Private Robert HALL
Parish:  Sydney, St Phillip's, Church of England; William Cowper
Robert Hall, abode Sydney, buried 15 September 1837, age 40 years, Private 50th Regiment

Surnames of those men in 50th Mounted Police

The Soldiers listed below ( in the alphabetical section ) represent the soldiers who were in Australia on Garrison Duty. It is unsure if they settled. If it is confirmed they will be given their own page and be listed above. The list of names has come from many areas, Military records of the Regiment , Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records etc etc . Many soldiers transferred from Regiment to Regiment

This list is still being compiled and will take a long time to complete. If the letter is not linked it is not yet complete.
A vast amount of assistance in compiling this list was given by Ken Larbalestier it is with much thanks we add the information he supplied and typed.
If not for his work and assistance many soldiers would never have been listed.

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Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
The information is intended for short Historical value only,
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