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Captain Charles Steele (.1807.....1886.)

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Area Settled :
Port Macquarie
Children :
All children born prior to marriage
1 . Helen Jane Decourcey (b.1842 .Port Macquarie.............d.)
2 . Charles Steele STEELE b. 16 Sep 1844 Port Macquarie, N.S.W.     D. 30 Aug 1913 Newcastle N.S.W
3 . Catherine Rosa Clara Steele (1846.Port Macquarie.......d.)
4 . Henry William (b.1848.Port Macquarie...... d. 1917 Kempsey N.S.W.)
5 . Philip Steele (b. 28/4/ 1850.Port Macquarie....d.12/5/1850.Port Macquarie)
6 . Leopold George Augustus Steele (b.1851.Port Macquarie.......d.)
7 . Enice Septimus Steele (b 1854 Port Macquarie........d.)
8 . Septimus Weymouth Steele (b 1855 Port Macquarie......d.d. 1938 Randwick N.S.W)
History & Achievements :
1. Convict Robert Simms died 2 June 1841, arrived on the ship John Barry 22nd March 1838. Was assigned to Captain Charles Steele in June 1839
2 . Captain Charles Steele purchased land through the auctions of land (known as "Steelement Farm" ) on the 30th November 1837
3 . Charles died in poverty in 1886. He was a mounted Police Officer in Bathurst and Maitland from 1833 until 1835 when he was replaced by an officer of the 28th Regiment
Charles e was in the Mounted Police from 1832 to 1835. His wife Mary Anne Weymouth arrived as a
bounty immigrant. She was the daughter of a Surgeon Superintendant who emigrated to Tasmania.   Mary Anne also had a child to the Lt Colonel of the 28th regiment Cudbert French, born in 1839 named Byron. It is interesting to note that some of the children are baptised as Steele whilst some are baptised as Weymouth and in some cases both   In 1842 Steele is a settler at Kissing Point near Parramatta. In 1858 he is in Port Macquarie. Phillip Stele died in 1850 14 days old.   Steele owned Yarrawell station in the Macleay some 10 square miles or 14,360 acres.   According to Army records he did not achieve the rank of Captain. It is believed he just took it to make himself a bit more important. 
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