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Some History behind the William Pitt



Sydney Gazette
11 April 1806
The William Pitt brought 117 female prisoners, three having died on the passage; as did also three children, one of whom died of the small pox; that infection having
prevailed with much malignity for the considerable space of two months.
In her way she touched at St. Salvadore, where she stopped three weeks; and remained five weeks at the Cape. By her came passengers Mr. and Mrs. Blaxland and family; also, Mr. Bates, with the appointment of Deputy Judge Advocate for His Majesty’s Settlement at Hobart Town, on the river Derwent, with his lady.


(The Convict Ships, Charles Bateson.,
Library of Australian History, Sydney 1983, p. 188)
Arrival of convict ship William Pitt - Free settler Gregory Blaxland passenger on board. The William Pitt departed Falmouth 10th August 1805 and from Cork 31st August; she called at Madeira and San Salvadore and arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on January 4th 1806, four days before the Battle of Blaauwberg. The ships log records that constant firing of cannon and musketry of the English and Dutch armies could be heard. The ship sailed from the Cape on the 9th January. She took a total of 222 days to reach Port Jackson
Sydney Gazette
11 April 1806
Battle of Blaauwberg
The Battle of Blaauwberg, also known as the Battle of Cape Town, fought near Cape Town on 8 January 1806, was a small but significant military engagement. It established British rule in South Africa, which was to have many ramifications during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A bi-centennial commemoration
was held in January 2006. The William Pitt was used to transport soldiers and troops during this military engagement. The fact that the guard was unloaded during this 5 week period period may well make it difficult to establish those on board

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