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The Soldier's Memorial

Some have called the soldiers murderers but remeber the soldiers were doing the duty they were called upon to do. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice. For this alone they should be honoured
Ken Larbalestier
The memorial consists of the obelisk and two headstones - the nearest headstone to the obelisk,
remembers the 40th while the farthest away remembers the fallen of the 12th Regiment.  
The Obelisk was erected by the State of Victoria in 1879, and bears the inscriptions -
In this place with other soldiers and civilians of the military camp then in Ballaarat were buried the remains
of the British soldiers Henry Christopher Wise Captain, Michael Roney and Joseph Wall, Privates of the 40th Regiment and William Webb, Felix Boyle and John Hall, Privates of the 12th Regiment who fell dead or fatally wounded at the Eureka Stockade in brave devotion to duty on Sunday, 3rd December 1854 whilst attacking a band of aggrieved diggers in arms against what they regarded as a tyrannous administration.
Not far west from this spot lie the remains of some of the diggers who fell in their courageous but
misdirected endeavour to secure the freedom which soon afterwards came in the form of manhood suffrage and constitutional government.
  The headstone to the 40th Regiment reads -  
Sacred to the memory of Captain Henry Christopher Wise of Her Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot who died on the 21st Dec 1854, aged 26 years, of wounds received while in the execution of his duty on the morning of the 3rd of the same month. Tho the memory of Privates Michael Roney and Joseph Wall of the 40th Regiment who gallantly fighting were killed on the same day.  
The headstone to the 12th Regiment reads -      
To the memory of Captain G.R. Littlehales 12th Regiment who died February 12th 1855 aged 29 years and 9 months also of Privates William Webb and Felix Boyle who died from the affects of gunshot wounds received in discharge of duty on the 3rd December 1854 also of Private John Hall who died December 31st 1854.  
Please note that Captain Littlehales did not participate in Eureka but his memorial has been combined with those soldiers of the 12th who died at Eureka.

Records at the Mitchell Library, Sydney,Australia.
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