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Sergeant Samuel Sneyd (c.1812......1885.)

Back To . . .4th Foot Lancaster King's Own Regiment.

Born : Circa 1812

Where Born : Hanley, Staffordshire, UK

Occupation : Soldier /Shoe Maker/ Chief Constable of Brisbane, 1849. Governor of gaol, 1859.

Date Arrived : 2 December 1831

Ship Arrived on : " Asia V "

Rank attained : Sergeant

Date of Army Enlistment : 13 July 1827

Where Enlisted Army : Stoke England

Regimental # : 582

Last Regiment Served : 99th Regiment

Date Enlisted Mounted Police : 1 June 1832

Rank Mounted Police :Sergeant Major

Date Discharge Mounted Police: December 1849

Regiment Re-Joined : 11th Regiment

Date of Army Discharge : 30 November 1850

Comments Regarding Army Discharge : Medically unfit

Where Discharged : Sydney

Joined Civilian Police : 1850, and retired 1859,

Died : 4 July 1885

Where Died / Buried : Died at home Westwood Lodge \, Alderley 6 July 1885 in the Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

Parents Names : Samuel Sneyd (b about 1780.......d in 1855.) and Elizabeth Margaret Oliver (b. 1782.......d.)

1st Spouse's Name : Catherine Mulcahy

Born : 1812

Where Born : Cork, Ireland

Occupation : House Maid

Date Arrived :

Ship Arrived on : " “James Patterson "

Date Married : 13 February 1837

Where Married : At schoolhouse, Wollongong

Died : 25 July 1858

Where Died / Buried : Died at home Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Buried Paddington Cemetery (now under Lang Park)

Spouse's Parents : Thomas Mulcahy (b......d.)& Ellen Regan (b......d.)

2nd Spouse's Name : Margaret Hyland

Born :

Where Born :

Occupation :

Date Arrived :

Ship Arrived on :

Date Married : 24 November 1859

Where Married : Brisbane

Died :

Where Died / Buried :


Information kindly supplied by Cecile Power, gg grand-daughter of Samuel, g grand-daughter of Joseph Samuel


Children :

Children of Samuel & Catherine Mulcahy (1)

1 . William Hartley Sneyd (b........d.) m. Miriam Wakefield(b........d.)
2 . James Goulburn Sneyd (b........d.) m. Elizabeth Anne Goulding (b........d.)
3 . Rev John Braidwood Sneyd (b........d.)m. Alice Kingsford (b........d.)
4 . Mary Ellen Sneyd (b........d.) m. Davies, (b........d.) pharmacist
5 . Joseph Samuel Sneyd (b........d.)m. Ellen Corbett (b........d.)
6 . Emma Martha Sneyd (b........d.)m. Robert Brady (b........d.)(NB Sergeant Brady)
7 . Samuel Hanley Stafford Sneyd (b........d.)m. Alice Hennessy (b........d.)
8 . Elizabeth Margaret Sneyd (b........d.) m James McIntyre (b........d.)
9 . Arthur Oliver Sneyd,   bachelor (b........d.)

Children of Samuel & Margaret Hyland (2)

1 . Brindley Stoke Sneyd (b........d.)m. Florence Smith (b........d.)
2 . Robert McDowell Sneyd  (b........d.) m. Jessie Smith (b........d.)
3 . Edith Blanche Sneyd (b........d.)m. Septimus Price (b........d.)
4 . Hugh Herbert Hanley Sneyd (b........d.)m. Violet Annie Eales (b........d.)
5 . Annie Eda McDowell Sneyd (b........d.)("Aunt Tot"), spinster

Area Settled :

Going by registration of births of children areas included Maitland, Brisbane. There were probably others in the Newcastle area. Settled in Brisbane from 1849-1885

History & Achievements :

On 30 October 1839 Sergeant Sneyd and Private Richard Smith, after shooting one of three bushrangers,

captured them (bus hrangers were Thomas West Chubb, Knowles and Reis). The scene of the encounter was Piper\rquote s Flat, about 25 miles from Bathurst. Chubb and Knowles were tried at the Supreme Court on 1 February 1840 and promptly found guilty. see for fuller account from newspaper Australian , 4 February 1840

Excerpt from the "Courier", Monday, 6 July, 1885 The death is announced of Mr Samuel Sneyd, formerly

governor of the Brisbane gaol. He was the first chief constable in Brisbane as far back as 1854. On the death of old Martin Freeney, the governor of the gaol, which in those days was situated on the site of the present Post and Teleg raph Offices, Mr Sneyd was promoted to that office and held it for many years after the gaol was shifted to the site on Petrie Terrace. Mr Sneyd was 75 years of age. The opening services in the temporary Wesleyan Chapel in Ann Street were conducted yesterday morning by the Rev. E.J. Rodd, there being on each occasion a good attendance.

Excerpt from "Queenslander", Saturday, 11 July 1885

Many of our readers, particularly many older readers, will read with regret the announcement of the sud

den death of Mr Samuel Sneyd, formerly Governor of the Brisbane Gaol, at his residence, Enoggera, on last Saturday evening. It appears that Mr Sneyd retired to bed about 10 o'clock, apparently in good health; in about ten minutes after retiring he complained of being unwell, when everything that it was possible to do was done in the short space of time, as he expired in about 15 minutes from the time he first complained and before medical assistance could be procured. Dr Hill, who was called in, made a p o st mortem examination, when it was ascertained that the cause of death was heart disease. Only as late as Friday the deceased gentleman came into town, and was then in the best of spirits, apparently enjoying good health. His death was quite unexpected, and the news will come as a great shock to the now scattered members of his family, as well as to a numerous circle of friends. The deceased gentleman, who was 75 years of age, come from a long lived family, his father having died some years back at the advanced age of 81 years. Mr Sneyd came to Australia in 1832 with the "4th of Kings" regiment. In the early days of New South Wales he was selected as one of the picked men from the regiment to suppress bushranging in the colony. While in the Mounted Police he rose to the position of Sergeant-Major of the Goulburn Division. He came to Moreton Bay as Chief Constable in 1849, and retired from that position in 1859, when he was promoted to fill the position of Governor of the gaol. Out of the six constable's then in Brisbane two are now alive, namely Mr Samuel Wright and Mr James Frederick. Mr Sneyd was entitled to a pension from the New South Wales Government. Mr Sneyd, on retiring from service, took up residence at Enoggera, where he spent the remainder of his days at a snug little farm. The deceased gentleman was a fine specimen of a bluff but kindly-hearted Englishman and was highly respected by those with whome he came in contact. He leaves a large family of grownup sons and daughters, most of whom are married.

Electoral rolls show Samuel Sneyd at Breakfast Creek 1870-1875.

Purchased land in Brisbane in 1851. Owned 31 acres on Stafford Road between Gibson Park and opposite to Victor St. as well as 3 acres at Bowen Hills where Sneyd St perpetuates his name.


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