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Private James Sinclair (1811.....1850.)


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Area Settled :
Children :
1 . John Sinclair, was born soon after arriving in Australia (possibly while still aboard ship in Sydney Harbour) on 22 Nov 1842.
2 . William James was born on the 4th Nov 1844. Both were christened in Scots Church Sydney in1842 & 1844 by the same pastor J.D.Lang.
History & Achievements :

JAMIE SINCLAIR'S LIFE From records obtained in April 2000 from the 99th regiment in England, it appears that James Sinclair was born in 1811 in Paisley in the county of Renfrew about 15 miles west of Glasgow (according to information supplied by himself he was 36 when he was discharged from the army in 1847). However when the 99th regiment was established for service in Mauritius in1924, he claimed he was 16 & enlisted for service on 8th May 1824. His occupation on joining the army was given as a weaver. Jamie on joining the army, according to his medical records, was 5'4.5 tall, with a pale complexion, grey eyes & brown hair. His height gives credence to his age of 13 years when joining the regiment. His registration was No 346, so he was an early member of the unit. As he actually signed his Application for Enlistment it is presumed he was literate.
(i) Jamie was promoted to Corporal on 18th Nov 1834 but was reduced back to private again on 8th Oct 1836.(ii) While in Ireland Jamie met & married Elizabeth Harvey. It appears they had 2 male children & 1 female child while in Ireland, however all were deceased on leaving Ireland.

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