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  Ships transporting the 11th Regiment

Some of these ships carried members of the 80th Regiment  to Australia. Some soldiers Transfered from earlier  Regiments  in Australia and they will be listed on their ships 
We are attempting to place each soldier of the 80th Regiment, who arrived  on board their respective Ship. It does not represent all soldiers only those who may have settled.
We have omitted convicts from these pages as the site is dedicated to the Soldiers.
It is not intended to justify or condone the actions or behaviour of some of the military or the civilian contractors in any form, and should not be taken that way.
Information regarding convicts can be found on the following site :
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Soldiers of the 80th  Regiment on board who may have stayed. Some were convicts who later enlisted.

" Bengal Merchant "
Sailed from London 30th January 1835 Arrived Sydney 1st October 1835
WAKELIN Joseph , . WEARIN John
" Blenheim "
Sailed from Cork 27th July 1834 Arrived Sydney 14th November 1834
" Henry Porcher "
Sailed from 4th September 1834 Arrived Sydney 1st January 1835
" Lady Nugent "
Sailed from Sheerness 4th December 1834 Arrived Sydney 9th April 1835
NASH Thomas
 Arrived Sydney 2 December, 1837
KEMP William
" Lady Kennaway"
Sailed from Downs 12th October 1836 Arrived Sydney 11th June1836
" Capt Cook "
Sailed from Cork 5th July 1836 Arrived Sydney 13th November 1836
" Earl Grey "
 Sailed from Cork 27th August 1836 Arrived Sydney 31st December 1836
" St Vincent "
 Sailed from Cork 13th September 1836 Arrived Sydney 5th January 1837
" John 2"
Sailed from Sheerness 30th September 1836 Arrived Sydney 7th February 1837
" Norfolk "
Sailed from Portsmouth 30th October 1836 Arrived Sydney 12th February 1837
" Sarah And Elizabeth"
 Sailed from Woolwich 1st January 1837 Arrived Sydney 23rd April 1837
" Prince George "
Sailed from Torbay 14th January 1837 Arrived Sydney 8th May 1837
" Francis Charlotte"
 Sailed from unknown at present
" Mangles "
Sailed from Portsmouth 23rd March 1837 Arrived Sydney 10th July 1837
BALL William
" Heber "
Sailed from Dublin 16th March 1837 Arrived Sydney 12th July 1837
" Eden 1 "
Sailed from Sheerness 10th July 1840 Arrived Sydney 18th November 1840
Reference: Records of the 80th Mitchell Library Sydney, Australia


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