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  Ships transporting the 48th Regiment

Some of these ships carried members of the 48thrd Regiment  to Australia. Some soldiers Transfered to the 48th  Regiment  in Australia from the 46th, 73rd Regiment ,New South Wales Corps , which was now know as the 102nd Regiment and they will be listed on their ships 
We are attempting to place each soldier of the 48th Regiment, who arrived  on board their respective Ship. It does not represent all soldiers only those who may have settled.
We have omitted convicts from these pages as the site is dedicated to the Soldiers.
It is not intended to justify or condone the actions or behaviour of some of the military or the civilian contractors in any form, and should not be taken that way.
Information regarding convicts can be found on the following sites:
Claim a Convict and  Convicts of the First, Second, Third  Fleet

Soldiers of the 48th  Regiment on board who may have stayed. Some were convicts who later enlisted.

"Pilot "
 convict transport
  Sailed from Cove of Cork on 9th March 1817 and reached Port Jackson after a voyage of 123 days on 28th July, 1817
1 sergeant and 30 rank and file of the 48th & 46th Regiments, under the command of Lieutenant Franklin of the 69th Regiment.
"Barque..Matilda "
Military Transport
Sailed on the  28th March 1817 Cove of Cork and after a voyage of 130 days reached Port Jackson on 3rd August 1817
13 officers, 179 "other ranks "and 50 women and children.
H.M.S " Lloyd's "
Military Transport
Sailed on the  28th March 1817 Cove of Cork  arrived on 30 August, 1817
under Brevet Major Thomas Bell CB
BELL Thomas , .  BOARDMAN John
HENSON William
WILD John 
H.M.S "Dick "
Military Transport
Sailed on the  28th March 1817 Cove of Cork  arrived on 30 August, 1817
under Brevet Major Thomas Bell CB
ARMSTRONG Robert , . ASHTON Thomas
BLOOMFIELD Thomas Valentine  , .
CAMPBELL Lewis Henry
WEST Benjamin
convict transport
Date Arrived Arrived 30 August 1817
BOWIE ( BOWEL) Zachariah 
convict transport
Date Arrived : 10 April 1818
ALLMAN Francis , . HILTON John
SMITH Gilbert
WILSON William Earle Buller
convict transport
Date Arrived : 10 April 1818
Spit-head to Port Jackson in 1818. 

transcribing the Surgeon-Superintendent's log of that voyage Bernie Shepherd<>


ALDRIDGE William  
BURNS Edward  , .
CASSIDY Michael  
DAVID Henry 
FARRELL Jonathon 
HETON John  , .
LOVATT John   , . LYON Thomas 
?  Middleton            
MORAN Thomas  
OFFORD Robert  
PERKINS Samuel    , . POLLSON  John  
ROLHH John    , .  RUDDING Francis 
WALLIS Samuel   , .  WELLS William  
Three soldiers of the 69th egiment were on board this ship
HOOKSRobert 69th Regiment WILTON William   69th Regiment  , . ROSS John 69th Regiment


" Dorothy "
 Date Arrived :20. August 1820
REED (RIED ) Robert
CROFT Thomas


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