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 Lieutenant Samuel Tolfrey Christie (1815 .....1876)

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  • Born :  14 October 1815
  • Where Born :  Cheltenham Gloucestershire
  • Education:        Rugby School
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 9th   December     1836
  • Ship Arrived on :Bengal Merchant Dec 9th           
  • Port Arrived : Sydney N.S.W.
  • Rank on Discharge :  Lieutenant
  • Date of Army Enlistment :1854 Ensign
  • Where Enlisted Army : England  80th Regiment of Foot  ( South Staffordshire Regiment)
  • Regimental # :  LT
  • Date Enlisted Mounted Police : 16 MAY 1839
  • Date Discharged Mounted Police
  • Date Discharged Army :  31 March 1848
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge :  
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 5 October 1876    Lieutenant-General.
  • Where Died / Buried :  Wandsworth Kensington England Buried Richmond Cemetery England Left Australia::::   on the Herald bound for London arriving  on the 20 July 1844.  Sent to India 1846 received a CB (Companion of The Most Honorable Order of the Bath) in the Indian campaign of 1855-59 
  • Parents Names : Dr. Thomas Christie  (b 2 April 1774 Scotland.......d.11 October 1829 Cheltenham. ) and Mary Isabella Tolfrey (b.22 October 1787 Plymouth England d. 16 April 1827 Cheltenham) . Samuel T Christie and Frances E Christie nee Harrison had five children
  • Spouse's Name :  Frances Ester Harrison  (sister of William Harvie Christie’s wife)
  • Date Married : 19 March 1846  by Samuel’s brother Rev J F Christie
    Where Married : Brading Isle of Wight
    Spouse's Parents :
    James Harrison &Ellen Harrison nee Beaver
  • Born : February 1821
  • Where Born :  Blackley Lankashire
  • Occupation :  Married after Samuel left Australia
  • Date Arrived : 13 November 1836
  • Ship Arrived on : "Captain Cook"
  • Died :  05 August 1881
  • Where Died / Buried Nottinghamshire England   


  • Information supplied by Dawn
    Area Settled :
    Liverpool N.S.W
    Children :
    CHRISTIE Samuel Tolfrey ....CHRISTIE William Harvie brother 
    Farquhar Frederic CHRISTIE b 6 August 1847 Meerut Bengal India  d 13 October 1847 Meerut Bengal India.  
    William Noel CHRISTIE  b 25 December 1848 Allahabad India d 24 April 1849 Dinapore India.
    Frances Isabella CHRISTIE b 31 July 1850 Dinapore India d 24 January 1892 South Yorkshire England
    Samuel Tolfrey CHRISTIE   jr born 27 September 1852  Barrackpore Calcutta India
    d 8 July 1930 Leederville Western Australia Australia.
    Alan Dunbar CHRISTIE b 31 January 1855 Fort George Ardersier Inverness Scotland
    d 24 August 1927 Leeds England
    History & Achievements :

    CHRISTIE Samuel Tolfrey ....CHRISTIE William Harvie brother

    Samuel Tolfrey Christie,                                                                                      
    Regimental History:                                            
    Christie S.T. 80th Reg
    Arrived per Bengal Merchant Dec 9th                               
    Australian Dec 13th 1836 p.2                                                                 The Australian Index  Dec 1836 - 1840 records  his arrival in Australia Census 1841  (NSW archives)
    Christie S.T.  Mounted Police
    Return No 87
    Resident Mounted Police quarters Town of Goulburn
    No of persons  47
    Location  x 946  p.141

    Samuel Tolfrey Christie  Service in Australia and New Zealand
    The regiment began movements from its depot at Chatham England during 1836 for Gravesend on the Thames where it was to form escorts for convict transports headed for New South Wales. The first convict guard embarked at Gravesend on the 23rd of May 1836 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Narbourough Baker. In August of 1836 Lieutenant Christie in command of 29 men (to guard 269 convicts)
    embarked in the Bengal Merchant at Gravesend to sail for Australia arriving in Sydney Port Jackson in December 1836. The Regimental Colors embarked on the 6th of March 1837 arriving in Sydney Port Jackson on the 11th of November 1837. The rear guard embarked on the 18th of December 1838. Between 1837 and 1841 the regimental headquarters was located at Windsor NSW. By the 11th of July 1837 the 80th had begun to deploy detachments throughout the colony. The following deployments are listed in order of their deployment: Illawarra NSW, Berrima NSW, Hassan's Walls, Newcastle NSW, 17 Mile Hollow NSW, Wingill, Liverpool NSW, Port Phillip VIC, Bathurst NSW, Cors River NSW, Emu Plains NSW, Morton Bay QLD, Port Macquarrie NSW, Norfolk Island NSW, Harper's Hill on the Hunter NSW, Windsor NSW, Campbelltown NSW, Tourang (Towrang) NSW, Parramatta NSW, Portland Bay, Auckland New Zealand. Late in 1837 Colonel Kenneth Snodgrass then acting Governor of the colony ordered Major James Nun to lead a detachment of Mounted Military Police against the Kamilaroi tribe in the Liverpool Plains area of NSW. In the third week of January 1838 Major Nunn in the company of Ensign George Cobban, three sergeants and nineteen troopers escorting stockmen with packhorses down the Gwydir River came across a "great many blacks" a corporal by the name of Hannan attempted to arrest an aboriginal warrior. In response Corporal Hannan was speared in the calf, next followed a chain of events, which came to be known as The Slaughterhouse Creek massacre . Corporal Hannan was the only injury inflicted on the troopers, however accounts as to the numbers of Kamilaroi wounded or killed varied. Nunn and Cobban thought only four or five were killed, Sergeant Lee thought the figure was more like forty or fifty. This was the last purely Military action undertaken against the Aboriginal population by British troops.
    During 1839 Major Thomas Bunbury was forced to suppress a mutiny within his own men while Commandant of Norfolk Island. In 1841 a detachment under the command of Major Thomas Bunbury were sent to New Zealand. One of the accomplishments of the detachment was to build a stone barracks, which is still standing in Auckland.  The New Zealand detachment was not involved with the Maori Wars but was present at the declaration of British Sovereignty.
    The regimental headquarters moved from Windsor to Parramatta in 1841 where it remained until all detachments were consolidated again in Sydney in 1844. The 11th of June 1844 saw the 80th aboard ship once more, this time the regiment was to depart Australia for service in India. The bulk of the regiment landed in Calcutta India on the 16th of November 1844 where they camped at Fort William. Three Companies under the command of Major Bunbury did not arrive until March 1845 after the transports Briton and Runnymede were wrecked en route to India in the Andaman Islands, where they were stranded for 50 days. On the 8th of January the lead Companies of the 80th left from Calcutta for Agra, with the remainder following on the 12th of January 1844. The Companies that had been shipwrecked rejoined the regiment on the 5th of April 1845 after travelling by
    Steamboat from Calcutta. The 80th whole once more left Agra on the 20th of October 1845 to join the rest of the Army. The regiment was to see bitter fighting during the First Sikh War winning battle honour's' s at Moodkee and Ferozeshah.

    The Belfast News Wednesday October 18 1876 issue 19104
    Death of Lieutenant-General S. T Christie, C.B.-- Lieutenant-General S Tolfrey Christie, C.B. who died a few days ago, has seen considerable active service with his regiment, the 80th Foot, in India.
    He served with the 80th throughout the Burmese war of 1852-53, and he commanded the storming party at the capture of Martaban, and was present at the operations before Rangoon on the 12th 13th and 14th of April. For his Gallant services during the Indian mutiny he was made Companion of the Order of Bath.
    He received a medal for Pegu and also for the Indian mutiny. He was one of the general officers receiving rewards for meritorious services.
    His commission as ensign bore the date January 22 1836; Lieutenant July 1 st 1838 Captain, August 28 1845; Major, October 31 1852; Lieutenant-Colonel December 9 1853; Colonel November 28 1854; Major General, March 1868 and Lieutenant-General May, in the present year.


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