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Royal New South Wales Veterans of Sydney

recommended Disbandment 1817 Official Disbandment  24th of September 1822,  Raised Again   1826 - 1833

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Surnames of the Royal Veteran's Regiment who stayed
Royal Veterans who died while still serving in Tasmania
There are grants promised to  Sgt. John Baxter, Pte John Booker, Pte John Healing, Pte Joseph James, Pte David Nairn, Pte John Pickup, Pte John Turner and Sgt William Wilson who  are Royal Veterans. 
 Sgt John Baxter was still here in 1833 as he renewed his license for the Governor's Arms Inn which was located on his grant. Some of the Veterans were promised the land but the grant was eventually given to others. Some appeared to have swapped the grant with a veteran neighbour.
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