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Royal Mounted Police Detachments

3rd East Kent Mounted Police , . 4th Kings Own Mounted Police , . 39th Dorsetshire Mounted Police , . 40th Second Somersetshire Mounted Police , . 48th Northamptonshire Mounted Police ,. 57th West Middlesex Mounted Police. , 50th (West Kent) Queen's Own Mounted Police , . 51st Yorkshire West Riding Mounted Police , . 58th Rutlandshire Mounted Police , . 65th Yorkshire North Riding Mounted Police 11th Mounted Police , . 11th New South Wales Military Mounted Police , 28th Mounted Police, . 51st Mounted Police , . 80th Staffordshire Mounted Police , . 96th Regiment of Foot Mounted Police , . 99th Lanarkshire Volunteers Mounted Police

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Complete Mounted Police Detachments

Surnames of the Royal Mounted Police
It has been believed that the Mounted Police were commenced by the different states, in fact they were
commenced within the British Regiments who served in Australia. They began as far back as the Royal Marines who created mounted troops, to maintain policing duties on horse back. The first Regiment to supply Mounted Police was the 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers from 1832 till 1839. Followed by the 51st Regiment from 1838 till 1844.
The 80th Regiment actually had the first specialist Mounted Police Unit. In 1842 the 1/99th Regiment
formed an Mounted Police Unit. The Regiment left Australia in 1852 but its Mounted police Unit Remained and became part of the 1/11th Regiment. The 1/11th formed its own Mounted Police Unit and this made a total of two Units in Australia. the 1/99th Mounted Police and the 1/11th Mounted Police From 1854 till 1856 the only Mounted Police Unit in Australia was that of the 1/11th Regiment
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