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Colour Sergeant  James Rodd  (.c1795......1832.)

Portrait James Rodd

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  • Born : c. 1795
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :  Soldier
  • Date Arrived :   23rd May 1826
  • Ship Arrived on : "Lady Rowena"
  • Rank on Discharge : Colour Sergant
  • Date of Enlistment : 1812 joined the 44th Regiment of Foot, which was stationed in Leominster prior to his 17th birthday  1813/14 transferred to the 39th Regiment
  • Where Enlisted : Leominster
  • Date of Discharge  :  December 1832 Killed in action
  • Where Discharged : India
  • Died :  December 1832 aged just 38 years
  • Where Died / Buried :  
  • Parents Names : December 1832 aged just
  • Spouse's Name :   Judith Joseph Baudelet
  • Date Married :  1818
  • Where Married :  Camblain
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Soldiers Wife
  • Date Arrived :   23rd May 1826
  • Ship Arrived on : "Lady Rowena"
  • Died : 19th April 1832 
  • Where Died / Buried : Sydney Burial Ground transferred to Bunnerong Cemetery in 1901
  • Spouse's Parents :



  • Descendants


     some information supplied by Annette
    Jean Lovelock who has been the researcher in the family for 35years


    Area Settled :
    Children :
    Ambroise Francois Joseph Rodd, was born in France
    Marie Ann Rodd, was also born in France, and left behind when the Regiment was transferred to NSW in 1826.
    James Rodd Jnr , was born in NSW in 1826
    Eliza Rodd (b.1831......d) Her story please read
    RODD, Eliza EB 1771421 Christening
    Father: James
    Mother: Judith
    Reg Year: 1831 Reg State: New South Wales
    Ref Number: V1831646 15 Parish: Abercrombie District; Bathurst, Church of England (1)

    Eliza Rodd was born on the 10th January 1831 in Bathurst, and died on September 14th 1831. She was buried in a lone grave near the Glenroy Stockade on the Cox’s River. Her headstone reads (spelling as such).


    History & Achievements :

    James Rodd has a lovely story. To cut it short, his daughter died at Glenroy just out of Lithgow and her lone grave is there beside the river, his wife Judith died a few months later in Sydney and was buried where the Sydney rail station is now.
    He left, with his two sons and died of his wounds in India, his young sons went to Ireland where James jnr married and they were sent to Gibraltar he was sent to Sebastopol and she returned to Ireland pregnant. He Died of his wounds and she chose to travel back to Australia with her son, my great grandfather. So James Rodd's Family are all in Australia Except for the family of his first daughter who had been left in France with her Grandparents.
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