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Private Stephen Robinson (.c.1839......)

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  • Born : Circa 1839
  • Where Born : Preston, Lancashire;
  • Occupation : French Polisher / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 20th July 1859.
  • Ship Arrived on : " "Donald Mackay"
  • Rank on Discharge :
  • Date of Enlistment : 8.10.1857
  • Where Enlisted : Ipswich
  • Date of Discharge : 1860
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Date Married : 1861
  • Where Married :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants
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    Stephen Robinson, his occupation on his marriage certificate was shown as soldier,living on the Mid-North
    Coast of N.S.W. It was at the Mitchell we found the record of Stephen Robinson being in the 12th East Suffolk Regiment of Foot, but only upto 1860, and as he was married in 1861 what happened after 1860? It went in the too hard file. About 12 months later we had another visit, and by chance I picked from a shelf in the State Library one of two small volumes that I had missed previously, titled: Army Deserters, from H.M.Services (in Australia & N.Z.)Volume 2 1859 - 1870 Compiled from the "Victorian Police Gazette."by Yvonne Fitzmaurice in 1988.
    From the list we did find our Stephen Robinson, but not only that, the list gave his description, including his
    age (23.4 years); his enlisted place and date (Ipswich 8.10.1857);birth place Preston, Lancashire; occupation (French Polisher);his regiment (12th); place of desertion and date (Lambing Flat 16.2.1862).Apprehension of Deserters.Over the years the rewards offered for the apprehension of these soldiers decreased from 25 pounds to 15 pounds on 1st January; to 10 pounds on 11th April 1856; and finally to 2 pounds on 1st January 1857. On the 6th June 1871 the Victorian Police Gazette published the following entry:Cessation of Apprehension of Deserters. The Imperial Authorities having intimated that in conscequence of the withdrawal of Her Majesty's Troops from Pacific Colonies it is not considered expedient to claim for further service any man who may be found in such colonies in a state of desertion from their regiments, the members of the police force are informed that it is no longer neccessary for them to take steps to apprehend such men whom they may find in Victoria . 65 Personnel of the 12th Regiment under the command of Captain Queade and Lt. Paul were involved in the Eureka Stockade uprising resulting in injuries and two deaths.
    Stephen Robinson was one of one hundred soldiers who arrived Port Phillip Bay on board the ship "Donald
    Mackay" on 20th July 1859. When Stephen went to Lambing Flat (now known as Young) it was the second time the 12th had been called there. On the 25th February 1861, detachment under command of Captain Atkinson, marched from Sydney, to Lambing Flats, in aid of the civil power, and rejoined headquarters on the 4th June. And then when Stephen went; "In consequence of disturbances this year, and part of next at the Lambing Flats Gold Diggings, the 1st Battn, was again called on to aid the civil power, and, on the 17th July, a detatchment of 6 Officers and 101 men, with two field guns, under Lieut.-Colonel Kempt, marched from Sydney, to Lambing Flats."(Young is 350 kms. south west of Sydney, would have been a nice march!) interestingly, in the period 1858 - 1862 I noted the following number of desertions from Sydney 135; Lambing Flat 22; Brisbane 10; Adelaide 4; Bargo Creek1; in total 172.The 1/12th East Suffolk Regiment of Foot comprised of 1543 personnel.
    As recorded : ROBINSON, Stephen 12th 23.4yrs, 5'5", fresh complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes; enlisted 8.10.1857 Ipswich french polisher; born Preston Lancashire; deserted at Lambing Flat on 16.2.1862.
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