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Private Robert Stewart (c.1778.....1834)

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  • Born : 31 May, 1778
  • Where Born :  Startforth, Co. Durham
  • Occupation : Tailor / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 11 February, 1814
  • Ship Arrived on : Wyndham
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment : 19 January, 1801 Enlisted 46th Regiment
  • Where Enlisted : Leeds
  • Transferred to 48th : 25 August, 1817
  • Transferred to 3rd :25 March, 1818
  • Date of Discharge :22 December, 1824 after length of service
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 10 May, 1834
  • Where Died / Buried : Sydney  / Sydney Burial Ground
  • Parents Names : Robert & Martha Stewart (maiden name unknown)
  • Spouse's Name : Mary (maiden name unknown)
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Soldier's Wife
  • Date Arrived : 11 February, 1814
  • Ship Arrived on : Wyndham
  • Died : 8 February, 1848
  • Where Died / Buried : Sydney  / Sydney Burial Ground
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants

    Information supplied by David McCaffrey

    Area Settled :


    Children :
    1 . John  Born :c. 1802, Limerick, Ireland Date Arrived 11 February, 1814 Ship Arrived on:    Wyndham Occupation Shoemaker Died:21 December, 1877 Where Died: Paddington, Sydney Where Buried: Camperdown Cemetery Spouse Lydia Bates
    2 . Elizabeth Born: c. 1805 Where Born: Starforth, Co. Durham Date Arrived 11 February, 1814 Ship Arrived on:    Wyndham , Married: William Howard, 23 December, 1826 Where Married :St. Philip’s Church, Sydney Died:1875 Where Died: Balmain
    3 . Henry (twin) Born: 28 April, 1814 Where Born: Part Dalrymple, Tasmania  Occupation: Boat builder (in partnership with William Howard) Died: 15.1 1866 Where Died: Balmain
    4 . William (twin) Born: 28 April, 1814 Where Born: Part Dalrymple, Tasmania  Occupation: Cabinetmake r Boat builder (  Married: Catherine Lee, 21 May, 1844 Where Married:St. Philip’s, Sydney Died:29 March, 1869 Where Died: Balmain Where Buried:Elswick Cemetery
    5 . Thomas Born:17 February, 1819 Where Born: Sydney Married: Ann Smith, 26 August, 1840 Where Married St. Phillp’s, Sydney Occupation: Cabinetmaker/Innkeeper Died:7 March, 1883 Where Died: Forest Lodge Where Buried: Balmain Cemetery



    History & Achievements :

    Robert’s Discharge Certificate states as follows: 

    born in the Parish of Castle Barney (Barnard Castle, Co. Durham) in or near the Town of Castle Barney;  served in the 46th Regiment from January, 1801 to 24 August, 1817 and in the 48th Regiment from 25 August, 1817;  he was stationed in the West Indies from 25 March, 1804 to 11 April, 1812;  he was discharged in consequence of his length of service;    he was not incapacitated by a sentence of a General Court Martial from receiving a pension;

       his general conduct as a soldier had been good;   he had received all just demands of pay, clothing, etc., from his entry into the service to the date of discharge; on the date of discharge he was described as about 44 years of age, height 5’ 4”, brown hair, grey eyes, pale complexion, and by trade or profession, a tailor. During his service Robert’s annual pay was approximately 5/- per week and his total service income amounted to 148pds, 11sh and 6 ½. 

    On his discharge he petitioned the Governor for a grant of farming land but instead was given a town block located on the south-east corner of Erskine & Sussex Streets, Sydney. On 24 March, 1824 he transferred the title of this block of land by Deed of Gift by payment of a nominal fee of 5/- to his daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and William Howard. This was probably done because of ill health as he died seven weeks later.

     William Howard, a boatbuilder, was born on 1 January, 1804, the natural son of Isaac Phillips and Hannah Howard.

     Isaac Phillips was convicted at Wiltshire in March, 1796 for extortion and sentenced to life arriving in Sydney on the Royal Admiral on 20 November, 1800.

     Hannah Howard was convicted at the Old Bailey in March, 1803 for stealing a prayer book and a muslin cravat and sentenced to 7 years arriving in Sydney on HMS Glatton in March, 1802. 

    At first it was a mystery why or how a soldier consented to the marriage of his daughter to the son of convicts. Hannah Howard and Isaac Phillips did not live together for very long after William’s birth, the records revealing Isaac as being domicile in the Hawkesbury region and that Hannah was residing in Sydney with Samuel Stephens, a boat builder and Third Fleet Convict. In 1810, Hannah received her freedom. Then, between 1817 and 1820, Hannah and her son William sailed back ‘home” to England, possibly on the Surry, which departed on 17 March, 1817. Hannah and William eventually returned to Sydney where Hannah died on 12 March, 1824 at the age of 40. The Thomas D Mutch Index where her death is recorded also states “Arrived Free”. This could only have occurred if she had left the colony and came back. Following the death of his mother, William Howard, with the patronage of Rev. Richard Hill and Captain John Piper, the navy Officer and Customs Clerk, petitioned the Governor for a grant of town land on 4 September, 1824. The petition stated:

      “Petition of William Howard, a free person”.

     “That Petitioner was born of European Parents and is aged 21 years, and is an orphan left in the colony. That as Petitioner was born in the Colony he means to spend his days herein and is anxious of becoming a settler. Petitioner humbly hopes your Excellency will aid his industrious exertions by granting him the usual portion of land and indulgences given to persons of his description on becoming settlers”.

     Note that William Howard describes himself as a free person and an orphan. It is clear he never divulged his true standing to his father-in-law, Robert Stewart.

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