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Private Robert Reed ( Ried ) (c.1798......1851.)

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  • Born : circa 1798
  • Where Born : Lambeg , Lisburn Co, Antrim Ireland
  • Occupation : Carpenter / Soldier
  • Date Arrived :20. August 1820
  • Ship Arrived on : " Dorothy "
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment : 14 August 1819,aged 22 years
  • Where Enlisted : Lisburn , County Antrim, Ireland.
  • Date of Discharge :24. February 1824 Paid Twenty Pounds
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 24. August 1851
  • Where Died / Buried : Menangle N. S. W. St John's Catholic Church Campbelltown N.S.W
  • Parents Names : James Reid and Margaret
  • 1st Spouse's Name : 1. Ellen Walker
  • Date Married : 17 November 1828
  • Where Married : St John's Parramatta
  • Born : C  1790
  • Where Born :  Yorkshire
  • Occupation : Home Duties
  • Date Arrived : 31 March 1827
  • Ship Arrived on : " Princess Charlotte in 1827"
  • Died : 12 April 1829
  • Where Died / Buried :  
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • 2nd Spouse's Name : Ann Seymour
  • Date Married : 13 June 1831
  • Where Married : St John's Parramatta
  • Born : Circa 1813
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 27 May 1851
  • Where Died / Buried : Menangle N. S. W. St John's Catholic Church Campbelltown N.S.W
  • Spouse's Parents : Thomas Seymour & Mary Higgins daughter of Serg. Robert Higgins 102nd.Regiment)

    Descendants :

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    Area Settled :
    Campbelltown , Camden Park.
    Children :
    1 . Robert Reid (b. 12/7/ 1833.Camden Park. .....d)
    2 . Mary Ann Reid (b.16/2/ 1838 Camden Park. .....d. 23 /5/1839 St Pauls Church, Cobbitty )
    3 . Hugh (b.......d) m Louisa Neatby Agar HANSARD in 1865 in Bathurst. They had a daughter, Nell born ? who died 1945 in Ryde Sydney
    History & Achievements :
    At the time of Reid's discharge he was unmarried and had no children to support. This would have made it a
    bit easier than others who paid 20 pounds to discharge. ( Although it was still a lot for a private to have gained.) Within a couple of days ,he had taken up an indenture as a carpenter to John Macarthur. This was for a period of two years at 2 pounds per week. Having completed his indenture Reid ,left Macarthur and was living at Parramatta in 1828. Later he returned to work for Macarthur at Camden Park. He worked on projects such as Vanderville for John Wild ,son of the old 48th's adjutant.
    He was not awarded the General Service Medal .
    Robert Reid was born about 1798 in the Parish of Lambeg, Lisburn County Antrim Ireland. On 14 August
    1819 he enlisted in the 48th. Regiment 0f Foot and arrived in Sydney in 1820 on the Dorothy. He was discharged from the army on 24 February 1824 and on the 27 February was indentured for a period of two years to John Macarthur, who had paid 20 pounds to procure Robert's discharge from the army. He worked at Camden Park Estate until December 1827 as a carpenter. There is a reference to him in a document dated 4 December 1827 from James Macarthur, John's son. He was stated as 'an excellent tradesman, very industrious and strictly honest. During his time with the Macarthurs, Robert had worked on the addition to Vineyard Cottage, the home of Hannibal Macarthur, John's nephew.
    In a reference from Hannibal dated 23 December 1825 it was stated that Robert had been employed for the
    past ten months performing the Carpenters and Joiners work, and he could recommend him 'to any Gentleman requiring the services of a house carpenter.' Robert Reid married Ellen Walker, a convict, at St Johns Church Parramatta, on 17 November 1828. Ellen had arrived in Sydney on 31 March 1827 and had worked for Hannibal Macarthur. She died on 12 April 1829. About two years later Robert Reid married Ann Seymour at St Johns Church, Parramatta on 13 June 1831. She was aged 18 and soon after their marriage they lived at Camden Park where Robert was again employed by the Macarthurs.
    Their son Robert was born 12 July 1833 and daughter Mary Ann on 16 February 1838 both at Camden
    Park. On 3 February 1838 Robert had finished work at Camden Park and shortly after the family moved to Vanderville at The Oaks, to work as a carpenter for the Wild Family. Mary Ann died as an infant of 15 months on 23 May 1839 and was buried at St Pauls Church, Cobbitty. Robert is believed to have worked for the Wild family from early 1838 to July 1844. There is a later reference written for him by John Benton Wild saying that he had known Robert for over 20 years. John Wild was the son of John Henry Wild who was a Lieutenant Adj. in the 48th. Regiment. According to the obituary of Robert's son, he built parsonage at The Oaks known as the Hermitage, which is one of the oldest residences in the district. It is possible that Robert also worked on the original St Matthews Church, The Oaks. About mid 1844 Robert left the employment of John Wild. The family returned to the Menangle district and leased an area of 43 acres from James and William Macarthur, which they called Reidsdale. On 10 March 1851 the family converted to Catholicism. Ann died on 27 May 1851 aged 38 and Robert died August 1851. Both are buried at St John's Catholic Church, Campbelltown.
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