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Representation of the 57th's Regiment Uniform

Drummer Dudley STAGPOOLE Stackpoole.
“Drummer Stagpoole VC DCM, 1st Battalion The 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment 1874”
 “Drummer Stagpoole wears the last pattern shako introduced in 1869 until the helmet which replaced it in 1878”
Dudley Stagpoole was unique in many ways. He is one of the few men in the British Army to have been awarded both the VC and the DCM and is still the only man to have been awarded them within a week of each other.
He was married four times, the last time at 61 years of age and married to a 25 year old

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Photo Graph Supplied by Andy Dixon his Great Great Grand son

STAGPOOLE, Dudley. (reg No. 1176).
Drummer. 57th Regiment. *
London Gazetted on 22nd September 1864.
VC Medal's Custodian is Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment and Queen's Regiment, Regimental HQ., Howe Barracks, Canterbury.
Born in 1838 at Killunan, County Galway, Ireland.
Died on 1st August 1911 at Ware, Hertfordshire.
Memorial on grave at Hendon Park Cemetery, London.
Digest of Citation reads:
At Pontoko, New Zealand, on 2nd October 1863, Drummer Stagpoole and Ensign Down, of the 57th Regiment, succeeded in bringing in a wounded man lying about 50 yards from the bush, all the time under a very heavy fire from the bush and some logs at very close range. The man had been wounded whilst engaged with rebel natives. Ensign Down and Drummer Stagpoole immediately responded to the call for volunteers.
* Middlesex Regiment, Duke of Cambridge's Own.
Additional information:. Drummer Stagpoole had the Distinguished Conduct Medal conferred upon him for action in the Field on the 25th September, 1863. On this day near Kaipakopako, Drummer Stagpoole, although wounded in the head, volunteered twice and went out to bring in wounded men.


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