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The Soldiers listed below a represent the soldiers who were in Australia on Garrison Duty.
Some may have settled, some may have not. When it has been confirmed they settled in Australia they will receive their own page. If it is confirmed the men settled in Australia, they will not appear on this page,they will appear on the surname page.
If They are listed on this page, then this is all we know of them .

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 WILLIAM  PERCY  Returned to England

.  WILLIAM2 PERCY  (ROBERT1) was born 1819 in Mendlesham, Suffolk.  He married ANN LUCAS December 14, 1848 in East Haddon, daughter of WILLIAM LUCAS and HANNAH CLARKE.  She was born 1828 in East Haddon.
He was a soldier in the 12th Regiment Foot in 1848 at marriage, living at Weedon barracks.
He was a soldier in the 12th Regiment in 1852 at the birth of his son (James) Henry, living at Spur Barracks Chatham.
In 1854 the First Battalion of the 12th Regiment of the Foot was sent to Australia until they returned to England in 1867. (Suffolk Record Office at Bury St Edmunds) but this probably represents the company that went to New Zealand to fight the Maories.
There is a document AE 677 at Tasmanian Archives, Warrants for the Removal of Prisoners to Port Arthur, 1840 - 1857 but it does not mention the regiment.
William Percy (Private No.1190) and his family was in the second division of the regiment consisting of two companies under Captain Atkinson embarked at Cork on the transport ship, "Empress Eugenie" on 28 July 1854 arriving in Melbourne on 6 November (details from internet, "12th Foot  East Suffolk Regiment").  He was sent to quell the Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat, which started on 3 December 1854.    At the Anglesea Barracks in Hobart there is a record on the wall of one of the rooms that his regiment was stationed there. 
He must have then travelled to Tasmania as both Robert and Samuel and or Sarah Ann were born there 1856 - 1858.  He and the family then returned to England on 19 June 1959 from Sydney, where he William is described as an invalid, but there is no record that he sustained injury at Ballarat.  Information supplied by Mike Saxby



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