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 Corporal  Richard Norrish (.1812... .1871)


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  • Born : April 1812
  • Where Born : St Lukes in Chelsea, Middlesex England 
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived : Febrary 1847
  • Ship Arrived on :" JAVA"
  • Port Arrived : Hobart
  • Rank on Discharge : Corporal
  • Date of Enlistment : 7 Jan 1831  age 21 years
  • Regimental # :
  • Where Enlisted : Westminister, Middlesex
  • Date of Discharge : 5 Jul 1851
  • Where Discharged :Perth, Western Australia
  • Died : 11 Jan 1871
  • Where Died / Buried : .Kojonup, Western Australia
  • Parents Names : Richard Norrish
  • Spouse's Name : Honora REGAN.
  • Date Married : 17 Sep 1834
  • Where Married : Bandon, Cork, Ireland
  • Born : 1811
  • Where Born : Bandon, Cork, Ireland
  • Occupation : Children’s Nurse
  • Date Arrived :Febrary 1847  
  • Ship Arrived on :" JAVA"
  • Died : 3 Feb 1900
  • Where Died / Buried : Kojonup, Western Australia
  • Spouse 's Parents :Thomas Regan, Mary Mahony


  • Descendants

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    Area Settled :
    Western Australia


    Children :

    • Richard Thomas b. 13 Aug 1835, Ireland; d. 1 Feb 1886, Albany, WA; m. Ellen Malone 15 Apr 1863, Kojonup, WA.
    • Thomas Richard b. 9 Jul 1837, Enniskillen, Ireland; d. 22 Apr 1908, Etticup, WA; m. Christen Ann Wray, 3 Feb 1872, Albany, WA.
    • Josiah b. 1841, England; d.4 Mar 1884, Albany, WA; m. Ellen Cull, 1863.
    • George b. 9 Jan 1844, Hobart, Tas.; d. 22 Feb 1911, Katanning, WA; m. Margaret Sheean, 6 Aug 1877, Kojonup, WA.
    • Anna Maria b. 7 Nov 1846, Hobart, Tas; d. 1908, Kojonup, WA; m. Edward Treasure, 17 Feb 1863, Kojonup, WA.
    • John b. 12 Jul 1848, Albany, WA; d. 3 Feb 1900, Kojonup, WA; m Margaret Noonan, 4 Feb 1875, Albany, WA.
    • Matilda May b. 4 Jul 1851, Kojonup, WA; d. 1938; m. Henry Quartermaine, 4 Feb 1875, Albany, WA

    History & Achievements :

    Richard Norrish after being in Albany WA for one month was transferred to Kojonup, and then later to
    Perth. In 1849 when Richard was told that his regiment was to be returned to England, but he gained leave to take his discharge in Australia, and with various interests he lived until 1871, and is buried in Kojonup WA. Richard NORRISH was born in England  in April 1812,and in 1833 at the age of 21 joined the Army, the 96th Regiment and was posted to Ireland, were he and married Honora REGAN. In 1838 Richard was posted to India, then within 12 months of his return from India to England the regiment was posted to Van Diemans Land. In January 1847 on board the troop[ ship JAVA ,Richards regiment had left Van Diemans Land, and were to relieve the 51st Regiment in Albany Western
    The troop ship ‘Java’ dropped anchor in Kong George Sound, Albany in January 1847, on board was the 96th Regiment which had left Hobart in order to relieve the 51st Regiment in Western Australia.  Within a week a detachment under the charge of Corporal Norrish was sent to the Kojonup Barracks to relieve the troops already there.  Before the month was out the Norrish’s were housed in the Barracks at Kojonup although Richard had intended that his family remain in Albany.  A woman of the character and devotion of Honora, however, was not going to leave her husband after sharing so may trials with him already, so the family set out for Kojonup with the two eldest boys, Richard and Thomas, walking all the way in the summer heat of January. Honora, being the first white woman in the Kojonup District, was a great curiosity to the local natives.
    After a 23 month stay in Kojonup the family journeyed to Perth where the 96th Regiment had been transferred.  Richard now found himself in charge of the magazine which was near the present causeway.
    In 1849 Richard learnt to his displeasure that the 96th Regiment was to be sent to India, so for the sake of his family he decided to apply for a discharge in order ‘to become a settler in Western Australia’.  This he achieved thanks to the acting Governor, Colonel Irwin who was well acquainted with Richard.  The discharge was affective from 1849 albeit the discharge was dated 5 Jul 1851.  Richard was a man of impeccable character and was highly thought of by his superior officers.  This fact was clearly demonstrated by the notation ‘good character’ made on his discharge paper.
    Besides change of occupation in 1849, Richard suffered a serious back injury while cutting timber for Solomon Cook, the contractor, who was building the Canning Bridge.  This injury, from which he was not expected to survive, troubled him throughout the next 22 years of his life but the Norrish tenacity, which he had demonstrated many times before, helped him continue an active life.
    After financial difficulties, Richard, having returned to the Kojonup Barracks, purchased Warkalup for £10 provided that he repaid £20 within two years.  In April 1850, the Norrishes prepared 2 acres for planting and when this was successfully cropped it could claim to be the first cereal crop to be harvested in the Kojonup district.
    In order to supplement the family’s income Richard obtained the contract to carry the mail from Albany to Kojonup in August 1850.  Another means of augmenting the family’s income was the collecting of animal skins which could be sold in Albany.
    By 1850 convicts began arriving in the Swan River Colony and in 1852 the Norrish’s were proving supplies to those convicts who were building the Perth to Albany road.  The family had found this new money making enterprise essential because the price of animal skins had fallen disastrously due to an export tax.  About this time an important event in the history of the Norrish family occurred.  Richard bought a flock of 25 ewes from a labourer who had been given sheep in lieu of payment, a common practice of the time.  In the first year that the Norrish’s owned the sheep they obtained a 100% lambing.  So began the family’s long association with the sheep and wool industry.
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