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The Nautilus left UK on 19 Sept 1839 and arrived in Sydney 10th Feb 1840 with one officer and 11 other ranks of the 28th Rgt
Lt Henry HALSEY Died in Calcutta 1 May 1842 aged 22 years
1224 Sgt DAVEY Thomas Went on ti India
1227 ARTER Isaac Went on to India
1231 BELLINGTON Thomas Pennant Hills -- Port Phillip -- Deserted 21 Sep 1840
1229 CHAPMAN Richard P/ matta -- To Gaol -- Transported 3 Aug 1840
1222 CHILD Henry Went on to India
1225 DRUID Jacob P/matta -- Deserted 4 Mar 1840
1223 HAYES Matthew Went on to India
1228 HERRICK William P/matta -- 20 Mile Hollow -- Transf to 80th Rgt 1 Aug 1841
1226 ROSE Charles Went on to India
1232 TURNER Henry Went on to India -- Died from Cholera 11 Sep 1842
1230 TURNER Joseph Went on to India
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If not for his work and assistance many soldiers would never have been listed.

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