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Private William Henry McCrohon (c.1807 died after 1854.)

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McCrohon /Cole  
Area Settled :
  Ipswich, Queensland / Hunter Valley NSW
Children :
  Henry William was christened 11 Apr 1832, Chatham, Kent, England

Catherine was born in 1834 in Queensland

Emilia was born in1835 in Queensland

Arthur was born in 1841.

William was born in 1843.

Ellen was born in 1845.

Sarah was born in 18492.
History & Achievements :


William Henry McCrohon was discharged in Parramatta ‘without a good character’. In 1834 he applied for the land grant that was issued to discharged soldiers but this was refused for his ‘lack of good character’.

After his discharge from the Army, William and his family moved to the Hunter Valley in NSW where his brother John lived. (John was a soldier also). William worked as a tailor.

In 1839 William spent a year in Darlinghurst gaol for hitting an official who was attempting to ‘distrain’ his goods. Several letters were written on his behalf, even by the prosecutor, to lessen this sentence but to no avail.

On his release the family moved to Moreton Bay in Queensland, a fledgling settlement. In spite of his gaol time he was accepted into the Police Force and was based at Kangaroo Point. In 1846 he was appointed Chief Constable but apparently this position ‘went to his head’ and several articles were printed in the Moreton Bay Courier about his eccentric behaviour. He was demoted to Constable but regained his position later.

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