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Private Edward Moran (c 1792/3......1873)

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Area Settled :
Children :
Charles, had been born in Ireland in 1827..... d.25 .6.1974
History & Achievements :
Edward MORAN
Soldier and settler.  A veteran of the 63
rd Regiment, Moran received a grant of 100 acres in the Parish of Staffa on the White Kangaroo Rivulet on 30th December 1833.  Moran was living in Richmond (street not known) in 1842, in an incomplete brick house.  There were a couple and six children living in the house.  They were all Catholic.  This land was still owned by Moran in 1858, and was leased to John Steele. Edward Moran is my great great great paternal grandfather.  As you recorded he came to Australia in with the 63rd Regiment and settled with his 'wife's(we haven't found any record of his marriage as yet) and his son Charles, in Richmond, Tasmania.  .  By the 1840's the couple had had 6 children and were still living in Richmond.  Edward became a bootmaker and landowner- He had one hundred acres on Brown Mountain (which could have been payment for his work in the Regiment), three allotments on the road from Sorrell to Jerusalem, the house in which he lived on the main road from Richmond to Sorrell plus six acres opposite.  Some of his children moved to Sandhurst in Victoria and he joined Charles there in early 1873 and died 6 weeks later.  Hi s wife Catherine had died the previous year.    
 He was recruited on 17 April 1816, in Waterford, Ireland by Lt. Wilkins & Lt. Moore. He was paid a bounty of 3 pounds and 3 shillings to enlist. First pay was 3 May 1816.
Muster Rolls: 25 May - 24 August 1829 Chatham.  Paid for a twelve day march Plymouth to Chatham 11-24 June 1829.  Some time between 25 June - 24 August 1829 he embarked for Australia, and near to these dates he was paid for a three day march.  Edward's first pay period recorded for VDL Hobart Town, Australia, according to the Annual Pay List, was 25 October - 24 December 1829.
It is thought that his wife, Catherine accompanied Edward in 1829, along with their children who were born in Ireland, Thomas (born abt 1827) Charles (born Abt. 1828) and William (born Abt 1829).   Edward's cottage mentioned in the 1842 census was at 30 Pembroke Road, Richmond.
In 1858 Edward also had built and owned a shop and dwelling (colonial cottage) known as Mill Cottage, then Anderson Cottage. It was later used as a bootmaker’s shop (not sure if this was Charles' shop) It still exists today with additions and renovations and is now known as Peppercorn Gallery, 58 Bridge Street, Richmond. He had the cottage/shop built for daughters Bridget and Catherine. On the 1842 Survey Map of Richmond, Tasmania there was a small hut/cottage located where the cottage/gallery stands today. The land was owned by James Kestall Buscombe
Death Notice in Bendigo Gazette - Edward Moran formerly of Her Majesty's 63rd and 36th Regiments, resident of Richmond, Tasmania for 40 years. Information on his son's (Thomas') DC Edward's occupation was a Soldier Imperial Army. Death Certificate states Occupation - Bootmaker, but this was actually Charles' occupation. (On Charles' DC it states his father's occupation as Farmer), that he died of chronic bronchitis, and he was ill 10 days.
He was living with his son Charles Augustine, Williamson Street, Sandhurst at the time of his death, but had only lived in Victoria for 6 weeks.
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