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Private Bartholomew Lynch ( 1821.......1888.)

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This information was kindly supplied by ,  Helen Dalitz

Area Settled:
Stanhope, near Branxton, NSW,
 Their eldest child was Joseph Patrick Lynch
 They had eight children, Joseph Patrick,  ,, ,, ,
Joseph Patrick Lynch  1864-1943,
Michael, born 1836, in Midleton .   died in Hobart in 1856.
William, 1866
Alban Ambrose, 1867-18833,
 Francis, 1869
Mary Agnes, 1871
Clara, 1873
Edmund Alphonsus, 1875-1886
Mary Therese, b. 1871 ...d . 1880

History & Achievements:

Bartholomew's parents were William Lynch & Mary Broderick, who were married in Midleton, Cork, on 03.10.1820 (I have a copy of their marriage certificate) and Bart was born ion 05.08.1821, and therefore presumably their eldest child.  The only other child I have located was Michael, born 1836, in Midleton, tho one would have expected that there were other children in between....perhaps still-born. Both Bartholomew and Michael were baptised in Midleton, and I have copies of their Baptism Certificates, tho not Birth Certificates.
  Bartholomew, as you know, left the army in Hobart in 1856, and on 01.10.1863 he married Emma Rebecca Roper, eldest child on Joseph Francis Roper.  They moved to NSW where they eventually settled in Stanhope, near Branxton, NSW, and had a school there.  Their eldest child was Joseph Patrick Lynch who was my grand-father.  Bartholomew died there on 22.08.1888, and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Branxton.  Emma died on 22.08.1930.  They had eight children, Joseph Patrick, 1864-1943, William, 1866, Alban Ambrose, 1867-1883, Francis, 1869, Mary Agnes, 1871, Clara, 1873, Edmund Alphonsus, 1875-1886, Mary Therese, 1871880.  And of course there were/are many grandchildren etc
  Of Michael I only know that he was borrn of the same parents in 1836, and died in Hobart in 1856.
  Joseph F. Roper was in charge of a boys's school in Hobart and obviously had a strong belief in the importance of education. Emma was a very well educated girl, and her father actually sent her to a boys' school where he thought she would get better teaching, so he was well in advance of his times.  Bartholomew must have had some education to make him a suitable husband for Emma, and when they moved to Sydney Bart became a teacher, as was also Emma.
  Thank you for your interest in Bartholomew and his family.  Unfortunately my own father died before I began to look at Family History, and he had not spoken much about them, tho from remembered talk, I think he assumed that I knew more than I did.  A common story, perhaps.


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