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Private Edward Lepper (1826.........)

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  • Born : 1826
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Soldier  /  Brickmaker  
  • Ship Arrived on :' "Agincourt " '  
  • Date Arrived : 25 November 1844
  • Ship Arrived on :  NZ per Pestonjee Bomanjee, 1847, Auckland, NZ.
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment : 7 Aug 1844,.  Aged 19
  • Regimental Number :  2215
  • Where Enlisted :  Chatham, Kent
  • Date of Discharge : 31 Jul 1857,
  • Transfered to  :99th Regiment January 1845
  • Transfered Back: 58th Regiment June 1845
  • Regiment Enlisted from : 58th Regiment June 1845
  • Date Enlisted Mounted Police :  1 July 1845
  • Rank Mounted Police : Mounted trooper
  • Date Discharge Mounted Police:  19 Apr 1847
  • Comments re Discharge: Own Request Unsuitable
  • Regiment Re-Joined : 58th Regiment
  • Where Discharged : Auckland, NZ.
  • Died : 2 Jun 1890 Auckland, NZ
  • Where Died / Buried : 4 Jun 1890 Place: Waikamete, Auckland
  • Parents Names : Edward LEPPER (1803- )
  • Spouse's Name : Sarah Jane Wilson
  • Born : Cir 1834 - )
  • Where Born :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 14 May 1886
  • Where Died / Buried :,
  • Date Married :   19 Aug 1846 
  • Where Married : Scots Church, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants :
    Information supplied by Anne Picketts
    Area Settled :
    Children :
     1 Sarah Jane LEPPER (1847-1921)
    2 Edward LEPPER (1849-1851)
    3 Lucy LEPPER (1851-1933)
    4  John William LEPPER (1853-1929)
    5 Mary Elizabeth LEPPER (1855-1914)
    6 Walter LEPPER (1856-1902)
    7 George LEPPER (1858-1931)
    8 Louisa LEPPER (1861- )

    History & Achievements :

    1844-31 Mar 1845) Regiment "At Sea" for quarter 1/1 31.03.1845; height on enlisting 5''7.25"The Regiment "sailed for New Zealand" during the first qtr of 1845 arriving in Sydney on the ' Ann'
    on 13 June 1845 . The vessel was used to escort convicts from Ireland to Australia.
    Military Record: Arrived in NZ per Pestonjee Bomanjee, 1847, Auckland, NZ.
    Witness: Marriage of William HEALY and Margaret GALLAGHER, 19 Mar 1847, Paramatta.5 The HEALY's were the Grandparents of Brian Flower from Maungaturoto. There are some remarkable coincidences with the Flowers connections to Anne's families. Shirley's grandfather sold some land in Taranaki to John William LEPPER, Edward's son;William HEALY's son Herbert Newton married Mary Jane LEADBEATER who was Percy SMITH's (Rose LEPPER's husband aunt)
    • Military Record: Discharged, 31 Jul 1857, Auckland, NZ. 6 Gratuity of 6 months pay• Land Order: Date of Application of LO 146, 25 Jun 1858-30 Jun 1858, Karanagahape. 7 Many soldiers used their land order to obtain scrip which they could use more readily.
    • Land Order: Land Order 146, 60 acres issued, 22 Jan 1859, Karanagahape.
    • Land Order: Land order 146 - 60 acres selected, 21 Feb 1863, Karanagahape.
    • He was in the hospital for Deafness (Recommended by Mr SOUTHGATE) on 18 Jun 1875 in Auckland,
    NZ. Register No: A475/2 p.70; Address: Whau; Aged 50; Malady: Deafness; Date of Discharge: 29 Jun 1875; Amount owing on date of discharge £11 Jan 1878 - Malady: Scrofula; listed as married; Church of England; address - Waikomiti; Age 52; Register No:A475/2 p213; Date of Discharge: 13 May 1885 (Register No: A475/2 p.233)11 Jan 1878Aged 52; Malady - AlesceSs(?); Register No: A475/2 p.109
    • History: Signed an address which was presented to Sir George GREY K.C.B. for his 74th Birthday., 14 Apr 1886 Auckland, NZ.8 Presented by the European and Maori residents in the Provincial District of Auckland,April 14 1886 -as a Brickmaker before Jun 1890 in Auckland, NZ.9
    His Excellency the Lieutenant General Commanding is pleased to approve of the under mentioned soldiers being transferred to the Colonial Corps of Mounted Police from tomorrow inclusive
    Private Edward LEPPER 58th Regiment
    Troop Order: No 54 Sydney 27 Nov 1846
    Trooper E LEPPER is deprived of one months police pay for irregular conduct at Sydney.
    Troop Order: No 60 Sydney 25 Jan 1847
    Trooper E LEPPER is deprived of one months police pay for having been absent from Barracks one day and one night.
    Troop Order: No 66 Sydney 25 March 1847
    It having been brought to the knowledge of the Commandant that on the evening of 20th instant Troopers LEPPER and RITCHIE when on patrol, came in contact with two armed men supposed to be bushrangers - and on the occasion in question, Trooper LEPPER behaved in an unsoldierlike and disgraceful manner - most unusual in the mounted police.
    It appears that Trooper RITCHIE dismounted and by his own account wounded one of the armed men - who with his comrade however, effected his escape and that Trooper LEPPER remained all the while on his horse, and rendered no assistance whatever.
    As such conduct is most discreditable to the corps - the Commandant orders Trooper LEPPER to be dismounted forthwith.
    General Order: No 47 Sydney 15 Apr 1847
    Dismounted Trooper Edward LEPPER of the mounted police is at his own request and on the recommendation of the
    Officer commanding that Corps - he being no longer fit for the service of the mounted police transferred to the 58th
    Regiment from 1st Proximo inclusive.
    Troop Order: Sydney 19 Apr 1847 No 72
    Trooper Edward LEPPER is retransferred to the 58th Regiment from the 1st Proximo.
    58th Rutlandshire Regiment at Sydney (01 May 1847-31 Jul 1857) Sailed for New Zealand 3 Jun1847 on Pestonjee
    Bomanjee, arriving on Auckland 12 Jul 1847.; Discharged in Auckland with gratuity on 31 Jul 1857; occupation Labourer;
    Reg No No 2215 Brickmaker at time of death Hospital Records lived at Whau (1875).
    Island (April 1847) and
    May (1847)
    This is from the Naval and Military Settlers Land Orders at National Archives, Auckland. The call number is LSA A41/30. Land Order No 146 granted to Private Edward LEPPER. 60 acres specified in Land Order, selected on 21 Feb 1863 at Karanagahape. Many soldiers used their land order to obtain scrip [a document which acts as proof of ownership of a holding in a joint stock
    Individual Report for Edward LEPPER 3
    Edward LEPPER and his sons built a pier at Browns Bay, Auckland (no longer in existance)
    Quote from a letter of John BUCKLAND (Connecticut USA) to the Secretary of the Mason's Collectors' Club in Sussex
    (which deals with the collection of early 19th Century ironstone china and porcelain) concerning a dinner service which was
    used by members of the 58th Regiment :
    The family story is that the service was made In the Regimental colours of the 58th, since It is a dark green rather than a
    cobalt blue, but I cannot confirm that. I was also told that It was made for the 58th before 1850. In 1857 the 58th Regiment was sent to the Bermudas because of the uprising there.
    The 58th Regiment was found in 1755, and was the 2nd Battalion of the Rutlandshire Regiment. After Bermuda, it was sent to India, and fought In the Indian Mutiny (with the dinner service). After considerable service there, the 58th was shipped to New Zealand in 1863 to participate In the Waikato War against The Maori. The Regiment marched down from Auckland to Cambridge, still carrying the service to the officers. Most of the Regiment was disbanded there, and the service became the property of the Colonel. It later passed Into my family's hands through marriage and on auction, and we have
    had It since 1910, It has been used for many, many family celebrations.

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