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Brevet Major William Kemp (1782...1856)

Brevet Major William Kemp head stone / plaque
Paintings of Kemps in Uniform
1. William Henry Kemp (1823....1857) Lieutenant William Kemps Plaque
2. Robert Augustus Hadden Kemp (b........d.)
3. Frederick Richard Kemp (b........d.)
4. James Hadden Kemp (b........d.)
5 . Maria Susanna Kemp (b........d.)
6. Galway Francis Kemp (b........d.)
7. Ellen Kemp (b........d.1928)  m 21 July 1859. James Henry Young B (15 May 1834 at Moorcourt near Romsey, Hampshire, England arrived in Sydney in the "Chusan" on 3 August 1852 died 1908
8. Harriett Anna Kemp (b........d.)
9. Arthur Kemp (b........d.) Photograph of Arthur Kemp
Sephi Kemp. descended from Robert Augustus Hadden Kemp.
Area Settled
Macleay Valley, N.S.W.
History & Achievements :
During the course of his military career, Major William Kemp was stationed in the West Indies, the Cape of Good Hope and Ceylon, and fought in the Napoleonic wars. On his arrival in New South Wales, Major Kemp was transferred to Port Macquarie where he acted as Military Commandant for two years. During this time, he abolished the flogging of convicts and was kind and humane to the Aboriginal people.
Items on his army records held at the PRO in Kew:
Born at North Abbey, Cork, Ireland on            5th January, 1782
Age on first entrance into the Army                   24 years
Ensign              55th Regt                                  6 May 1806 Without purchase
Lieutenant         55th Regt                                  20 Nov 1807 Without purchase
Captain            55th Regt                                 14 Nov 1822 Without purchase
Captain            16th Regt                                  27 May 1824 By removal
Notes made from Army Lists.
1825-1830       Captain 16th Regt                                             27 May 1824
1831-1836       Captain             Permanent Assistant                 10 Dec 1830
                                                 Quarter Master General          
1837-1838       Major                Staff Appointment Chatham     10 Jan 1837
1838                Major                80th Foot                                31 Mar 1837
1840                Major                80th Foot                               
Not in army list in 1841.
Officers retired from the Army were required to send in a certificate each year stating they were still alive and their names would then appear on the lists, whether they had sold out or not.   Major W Kemp of the 80th was officially retired 1857/8.  He was named as a casualty “Late of the 80th.” 
William Kemp’s situation as shown on the baptismal records of his children.
10 Feb 1826    Capt 16 Inf
3 Jun 1829       Capt 16th Foot
4 Feb 1831      Staff Captain in Fort Pitt
26 Dec 1832    Staff Captain
2 Feb 1835      Staff Capt Chatham Garrison
3 May 1838     Brevet Major, 80th
Two of the officers William replaced when he was promoted.
Lieut. W Kemp
Ens W Macdonald
14th Nov 1822
55 foot company warrant without purchase of the death of  B May Loftie
The senior lieut. Kemp is one of Nov 1807
The Senior Ensign/ Macdonald is one of May 1814.
Lieut William Kemp to be Captain without purchase vice Loftie deceased
Ensign William Macdonald to be Lieut via Kemp
(Loftie was a witness at his marriage in 1821.)
And I found this piece of information on the internet then looked up James Straker when we were in the PRO in October, 2006.
Connaught Journal, Galway, Monday June 21, 1824.
Military Promotions.
War Office 11 June 1824.
16 Regiment of Foot – Captain William Kemp from the 55th Foot to be Captain, vice James Straker, who retires upon half pay York Chasseurs.
James Straker was placed upon half pay from ill health without receiving difference.  He was not desirous of further service.
He was a married man having been married in Florence in the Chapel of the British Minister by the Rev Mr Taylor.  He had one daughter Christina Marianne who was born 3 Aug 1828 and he’d lived in Italy ever since his marriage.
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