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Paintings William and William jnr in Uniforms 


These three pictures are the subject of much debate in our family.  Some of the Kemps think all three depict the Major and some think that either the one at the top or the one at the bottom could be the son, William Henry.  Personally I think the top one is William Henry and the bottom one is the father when he was a young man.  If you could tell us anything about the uniforms they are wearing it might solve the argument


This is a small, damaged, portrait in the possession of the museum at Port Macquarie.  All they know about it is that it is a Kemp. 

Personally I think it is William Henry Kemp who joined the 51st in 1842.  He was in India and also Tasmania with them.  He was promoted to Lieutenant on 4 July 1845.  He left the army round 1851 to go home and help on the family property but was drowned in 1856.

We know that this is a pastel in the possession of the museum at Port Macquarie and they think it was possibly done by Joseph Backler who was a convict there at the time.  He was a fine artist .  Do you know much about him?  Iíve got an article the museum published in 1999. 

This is William Kemp, born in 1782 and a Brevet Major in the 80th  by the time he came to Australia in 1837.

And this is an oil painting in the possession of one of the descendants, Barry Kemp.  Barry is inclined to think it is the son, William Henry but I donít agree.  I think he looks much more like a younger version of the Major, who was a Captain in the 16th from 1822 to 1837 and a Lieutenant in the 55th before that.

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Sephi Kemp. descended from Robert Augustus Hadden Kemp.


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