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Major Edward Johnstone (1791.........)


Back To . . .50th Foot West Kent Queen's Own Regiment.
  • Born :. 11 June 1791.
  • Where Born : Dumfriesshire Scotland
  • Occupation :
  • Regimental Number :
  • Date Arrived : 30 June 1834
  • Ship Arrived on : " James Lang "
  • Rank on Discharge :
  • Date of Enlistment
  • Where Enlisted
  • Date of Discharge
  • Where Discharged
  • Died : 29 January 1850
  • Where Died / Buried : East Maitland
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Anne Rae
  • Date Married : 1826 November 20
  • Where Married :
  • Born : 1795
  • Where Born : Annandale Scotland
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 30 June 1834
  • Ship Arrived on : " James Lang "
  • Died : 18 December 1860
  • Where Died / Buried : Sydney; buried South Head Cemetery
  • Area Settled :


    Children :
    1827 August 16 baptism of Mary Rae Johnstone Southhampton, abode Fire House Barracks, Portsmouth, Edward Captain 50th; (married Richard Lewis Jenkins)
    1828 September 18 birth Elizabeth Johnstone (married Edward Henry Lloyd)
    1830 march 24 bapt twins James Rae and Agnes Grace Johnstone, Bolton Le Moors, Lancs; (Agnes married John McFarlane and James married Emma Green)

    History & Achievements :

    MAJOR EDWARD JOHNSTONE, 50th REGIMENT of FOOT brief notes by Marilyn Mason, February 2004   Major Edward Johnstone was my late husband, John Mason’s, great great grandfather. Most of the following information comes from two published sources: The Johnstones of Balladoran by Rae McIlveen, the story of the family of James Rae Johnstone son of Edward, which includes some notes on Edward Johnstone supplied by Aileen Skillicorn, member S.A.G., and notes from Lt-Colonel Evan Stuart Jenkins on Edward Johnstone’s army career    [copy at Gordon (Sydney) Library?]  and A Scottish Heritage- Major Edward Johnstone by Les O’Neill, published by subscription, 1991, ISBN 0 646 07259 5 [copy at SAG Sydney]
    All authors are descendants of Edward Johnstone.
    Birth and brother James
    Brother James born 19 Oct 1784, became Captain, served in Peninsular Wars, married Mary Henderson in Surrey, no issue
    Military History:
    1810 lieutenant in the Annandale and Eskdale Militia
    1810 June ensign in the 48th Foot (1812 Army Lists). In 1812 Lieut 48th Foot (1812-13 Army Lists). Peninsular Wars with 48th Foot.
    Transferred to the 50th thus missing Napoleonic Wars (to his annoyance) and went to Jamaica; Dec 25 1818 Lieut 50th foot (1825 Army List); 1827 at Portsmouth, Captain 50th; 1833 to New Zealand, on H.M. Alligator; returned to Ireland?? left Ireland 15 Feb 1834 and arrived Sydney 30 June 1834 on James Lang or James Laing; 1836 Major 50th at Windsor NSW, Headquarters 50th Foot (ref Army List from N.S.W. Directory)
    Also served Gosport and Dublin at some time.
    Family History
    1836 January 25, Captain, appointed Police Magistrate at Paterson (Govt Gazette)
    1838 December 8, Major, appointed Magistrate at Paterson (Govt Gazette)
    1840 still Police Magistrate, ref HRA Series I vol XXI
    1841 land purchases county of Durham
    House at Paterson was called Annandale; always denied any connection to Major Johnstone of NSW Corps;
    1843 retrenched as magistrate in down-sizing by government HRA Vol XXI several references
    1843 May appointed returning officer for county of Durham (Govt Gazette)
    1844-48 listed as candidate for reappointment, HRA several references
    Medal Awarded for Peninsular War
    photograph in The Johnstones of Balladoran; in 1950 this medal was in the possession of a very elderly descendant, Elizabeth (Bessie) Giblin, living in London.
    Ribbon, Bars and Medallion with Victoria’s head; bars read Toulouse, Orthes, Nivelle, Pyrenees, Vittoria, Salamanca, Badajoz, Cjudad Rodrigo, Albuhera.
    Bars are explained in text as: Toulouse Mar - Apr 1814; Orthez 27 Feb 1814; Nivelle 10th Nov 1813; Pyrenees; Vittoria May - Aug 1812; Salamanca June - Aug 1812; Badajoz Mar - May, May - June 1811, 18th Mar 1812; Cuidad -Rodrigo Aug - Sep 1811 (also May - June 1810) (Jan - Mar 1812); Albuhera 16 May 1811
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