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John Waddington's General Service Medal


Unfortuneately John's Medal is not as clear as it could, it is very hard to photograph due to its age but eventually we do hope to get a digital photo of it. The medal is in the safe care of the Naval and Military Club in Melbourne . They kindly provided the pictures with thanks to Mr C.P Moran Members Services Manager
The Battle honours are ascending from the bottom to the top in the order of the Battles he fought in . These are as follows: Talavera -2/48th 28/6/1809 : Busaco 2/48th 27/9/1810 : Ciudad-Rodrigo 1/48th 19/1/1812 , Badajoz 1/48th May 1812 : Salamanca 1/48th 22/6/1812 :Vittoria 1/48th 21/6/1812 : Pyrenees 9 days 1/48th July 1813 :, St Sebastion Siege 1/48th 22/7/1814 ( Bombardment 26/8/1813 Fell 31/8/1813 ; Orthes 1/48th 27/2/1814 : Toulouse 1/48th 10/4/1814 :) Even though at the battle of Albuera 2/48th 16/5/1811 no clasp for those captured was issued. The 2/48th efectivaly killed of at the battle of Albuera and sceased to exist .

THE MEDAL The diademed head of Queen Victoria and the legend "VICTORIA REGINA " with the date "1848" Reverse : Queen Victoria , on a dais, about to place a laurel wreath on the head of the Duke of Wellington, kneeling on his left knee. nt. Around the top half of the circumference is the inscription "TO THE BRITISH ARMY". In the exergue are the dates "1793-1814".1.4 inches (36mm) diameter Ribbon:1.25 inch (32mm)wide, crimson in colour with a 1/8 th inch (3mm) wide dark blue border. Suspension : By a plain straight swivelling suspender Naming: Large indented Roman capitals