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John Barry

The John Barry carried the Headquarters Contingent of the 28th Rgt. leaving Port of london 25 Aug 1835 and arriving Sydney 23 Jan 1836

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Soldier Information supplied . Ron Ball
Shipping Information supplied Marilyn Mason
The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser
Arrival of John Barry
23 January 1836
Landing of HM 28th REGT
On Wednesday last, the headquarters of the 28th regiment landed from the ship John Barry being welcomed to the shores of Australia by the band of the 17th foot, who afterwards invited the strangers to dine with them at Mr William Jones’s at the Robin Hood where the customary festivities were enjoyed in mutual good fellowship until a late hour....................[more about the 17th]................ The 28th regiment is also a gallant corps and has gathered a more than ordinary share of laurels in the field. ...........It is also said that the band of the 28th is of a superior description. .....It is expected that the headquarters of the 28th will be fixed at Sydney after the departure of the 17th and that upon arrival of the 80th which is announced for service in this colony, the 4th will quit Parramatta also for the India station. - Correspondent
Col Sec:  Reports of Vessels Arrived
4/5210  Jan-June 1836
Report of a Ship arrived in Port Jackson 17th Day of January 1836
Vessel’s name:                              John Barry
Tonnage:                                       524
Master’s Name:                          John Robson
From whence                                London
When sailed                                 from Torbay 21st September
Lading                                          318 Male Prisoners
Passengers Names:
Lieut Colonel French    H.M. 28th Regt
Lieut. McDonell           Do
Ensign Smart                Do
Dr McTernen [sic]       R. N. Surgeon Superintendant
33 Rank & File             H. M. 28th Regt     7 women & 3 children
Mr Cherdellis                       Band Master
Mrs Cherdelli (Wife)
 [page initialled for The Honorable The Colonial Secretary per ??; Tide Surveyor signed T Jeffrey]
Health Officer’s Report
Questions required to be answered by the Master etc
1  Vessel’s name and tonnage:                        John Barry,  534 ? tons
2  Master’s Name:                                           John Robson
3  Whence and when sailed                              London
4  Touched at What Ports                                Torbay and Teneriffe
5  What vessels have you had intercourse or
communication with on your passage and whence did they come?                  None
6 .Have you any and what Bill of Health?        ............................................... Clean Bill of health left at Teneriffe
7  Did the cholera or other infectious diseases etc..........................................None
     [signed and crossed through at foot of page by James Mc Ternan,Surgeon Superintendant]
8. Sickness on board etc..................................................No sickness prevailed either of contagion or infection.
9  Number of Officers etc & Number sailed     Twenty one Mariners -
                                                                        Three Officers - Thirty three
                                                                        soldiers- Seven women-
                                                                        Three Children Band Master
                                                                        & Wife victualled by order. 
                                                [illegible word or bleed through?] Foriegners [sic]
10  Whole Number when sailed                      Four hundred and Nine
11  Whole Number now ill                              Four hundred and Seven [sic]
12  When last sickness etc                             It is stated that there has not been sickness on board.
                                                                        Two died on board - one from Gangrene
                                                                        One from extreme debility
signed                                                               James Mc Ternan R. [N? obscured]
                                                                        Surgeon Superintendant
                                                                        John N. Robson   Master
Lt.Col. Cudbert FRENCH Went on to India. Died 7th Jan 1843
Lt. Ranald John McDONNELL Cox's River - Hassans Walls - maitland - Sydney P/matta. Retired at P/matta 24 May 1839
Lt. Henry Dalton SMART Went on to India
300 Drum Maj as Sgt WINTLE George P/matta. Discharged P/matta 30 Sept 1836
712 Sgt.FOTHERINGHAM Peter Went on to India
242 Sgt KELLY Andrew Band P/matta . Died P/matta 24 Apr 1836
957 Cpl BULLY Joseph Went on to India
1062 Cpl GOODALL John Went on to India
741 Cpl MALLON Charles Went on to India
881 CPL MOONEY Patrick Went on to India
1063 ARNOLD William  Harpers Hill - Newcastle - Moreton Bay Hassansr Walls - 20 Mile Hollow - Sydney - Hosp. Died Sydney 5 Sep 1842
1043 AUSTIN William P/matta - Pennant Hills - Sydney - Gaol Transported as a Felon 27 Apr 1842
804 CAMPBELL Patrick Went on to India\
388 CASHELL Thomas Band - Hosp. Died P/matta 6 Feb 1837
118 CONNELLY Edward Invalided to UK in Eweratta
616 DONOVAN Patrick Went on to India
992 ENGLIS John Went on to India Died 13 Jan 1843
310 FAWCETT Joseph Band - Hosp - Died P/matta 17 July 1840
316 FENTON Joseph Went on to India
1097 FORBES Michael Band - Hosp. Died P/matta 13 June 1838
913 GREADY John Went on to India
915 GUY James Band - Bathurst - To 50th Rgt 1 Dec 1840
457 HOGAN John Went on to India
541 MAHONY John Went on to India Died from Cholera 23 Sep 1842
375 MAUNSELL William Went on to India
914 MEARES John Went on to India
299 MULGRAVEY Michael Went to India Died 30 Dec 1842
742 McGINN John Went on to India
990 REDMOND Thomas Went on to India. Died from Cholera 7 Sept 1842
378 RUSSELL John Band - Bathurst - In Hosp when Rgt sailed for India
716 SHIELD John Went on to India
400 SIMPSON William Went on to India
379 SMITH Francis Went on to India
380 TROTTER Alexander Went on to India
693 VALLER Richard Went on to India
257 WHITE William Went on to India . Invalided to UK in Maitland from Bombay 19 Jan 1843
Soldier Information supplied . Ron Ball
Shipping Information supplied Marilyn Mason

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