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Private John Gow (.1769....1823)

John Gow
John Gow was a Private when he arrived in Sydney per Tellicherry in early 1906 He had been one of few the soldiers permitted to bring his wife and probably one child per convict transport, A son John was born shortly after the arrival of the vessel in February. John Gow is said to have died Sydney on 31/12/1806 which left his wife Mary and her children alone and very far from home. Left alone Mary Gow had little option but to seek a new partner and in 1810 she married Thomas Gullege at St Phillips (Reg No V 1810923 3A) Gullege had been born in Kent in 1780
and he had arrived per Neptune, a vessel in the Second Fleet, on 27 June 1790. An Ex convict he had enlisted in the army on 12 September 1800.On 24 April 1810 Gulledge was one of the soldiers who elected to remain i the colony when he transferred to the 73rd Regiment The 1814 Muster lists Mary Golledge, wife of a Veteran, as having four children, In 1817 Mary Gow (believed to be the daughter of Mary Gow) married George Pinkerton per Sir William  Bensley, 1817. For Mary Gow this was not her first marriage since she had previously been attached to a man called Neil (identity not established - possibly soldier). George Pinkerton had not been long in the colony since he had disembarked from the Bensley on March 21 1817 and in November 1818 he had been forwarded to Liverpool for distribution. In 1820he sought permission to marry at Liverpool and following the submission of a Memorial in September Pinkerton received a land grant. By 1824Pinkerton had been granted an absolute pardon. This remarkable progress would seem to indicate that this man had influential friends and relations who were smoothing his path in the colony.
Mary Pinkerton does not appear to have been as fortunate as her husband since in 1820 she was charged with assaulting James Dixon on Boxing Day. Mary pleaded guilty to the charge and received a sentence of six months. In the 1823-5 Muster at Liverpool Mary Gow was listed as the wife of Pinkerton, by the 1828Muster George Pinkerton was employed by John Dixon of Bringelly and Mary wife of George Pinkerton was residing with him. In the same muster Thomas Golledge (45) per Neptune was described as a Constable at Windsor and his wife Mary (46) was living with him (this establishes that there were two Mary Gows in the colony at this time. Living with the Golledge's were two children, George age 7 and Jemima age 11who was employed as a servant at Lower Port and Head. Living away from their parents at Patrick's Plains in the Hunter Valley were two sons; Thomas (18) and Isaac (15) - the the young men were employed by Richard Alcorn at Patrick's  Plains. It is evident that Thomas Golledge Junior (Golledge /Golledge/ Gollidge) settled in the Hunter Valley - the following entries appeared in the Maitland Press or other sources1834 29 September Maitland SH Signed Petition to the Governor requesting that Maitland prison cells be built on the north side of Wallis Creek Golledge Thomas - 1846 11 April - MM Driver of the Singleton Mail
Golledge (Gollidge) Thomas - 1835 8 May Jerry’s Plains Australia Found not guilty of stealing from the farm of Thomas Davis
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