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The Soldiers listed below a represent the soldiers who were in Australia on Garrison Duty.
Some may have settled, some may have not. When it has been confirmed they settled in Australia they will receive their own page. If it is confirmed the men settled in Australia, they will not appear on this page,they will appear on the surname page.
If They are listed on this page, then this is all we know of them .

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Private 983 JENNINGS Thomas Went on to India. Died of Cholera 5th Sept 1842
Private 823 JOYCE Patrick Went on to India Died of Cholera 12 Sept 1842

Men listed as deserting from the Regiment

These men have been recorded as deserters from the Regiment in which they served. There is more than a strong possibilty these men eventually settled. We have included them as they recieved a description etc,and it may be of help to their descendants. Today ,we understand why these men deserted, in some cases they were treated worse than the convicts were.
  • JORDAN, William Pte 697 28th 33yrs, 5'6 3/4", fresh complexion, light brown hair, grey eyes; deserted 4 Apr 1840,Parramatta; enlisted 6 Dec 1827.Liverpool ; born Dumfries; labourer. Also deserted 24 Oct 1841, Melbourne


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