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Private Alexander Hutchinson (c.1817.......1887.)


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  • Born : Circa 1817.
  • Where Born : Jamaica. West Indies.
  • Occupation : Flax Dresser / Soldier
  • Regimental Number : 983
  • Date Arrived : 16th August 1842.
  • Ship Arrived on : Barque "Candahar".
  • Rank on Discharge : "Private".
  • Date of Enlistment : 20th March 1838.
  • Where Enlisted : (Ireland).
  • Date of Discharge : 1st July 1848.
  • Where Discharged : Sydney. N.S.W.
  • Died : 18th October 1887 age 72.
  • Where Died / Buried : Wattle Flat near Sofala. N.S.W./ Wattle Flat Catholic Cemetery. Wattle Flat. N.S.W.
  • Parents Names : Father: unknown at present. / Mother: - Williams.
  • Spouse's Name : Margaret Forde.
  • Date Married : 12th September 1843.
  • Where Married :Morpeth Presbyterian Church. Morpeth. N.S.W.
  • Born : Circa. 1821.
  • Where Born : County Galway. Ireland.
  • Occupation : House Maid.
  • Date Arrived : 11th March 1841
  • Ship Arrived on : "Glenswilly".
  • Died : 21st December 1876 age 56.
  • Where Died / Buried : Wattle Flat. N.S.W./ Wattle Flat Catholic Cemetery. Wattle Flat. N.S.W.
  • Spouse's Parents : . Thomas. Forde. (b.....d.) & Mary Donahs. (b.....d.)
  • Descendants

    This information was kindly supplied by a great great grandson David. S. Jeskie 

    Area Settled :
    Wattle Flat, near Sofala, New South Wales
    Children :
    1/. Thomas Hutchinson. b. 25th January 1844. East Maitland. N.S.W.m. 1864 at Bathurst. N.S.W to Bridget Madden.d. 8th April 1902. Sydney. N.S.W age 58.
    2/. Mary Ann Hutchinson. b. 13th February 1846. Sydney. N.S.W.m. 1866 at Wattle Flat. N.S.W to James Prime.d. 17th November 1886. Sofala. N.S.W age 40.
    3/. Alexander Hutchinson. b. 6th July 1847. 99th Regiment Barracks, Sydney. N.S.W.m. 22nd March 1869 at Bathurst. N.S.W to Eliza Tettler Brockwell.d. 1st October 1918. Alexandria. N.S.W age 71.
    4/. Margaret Hutchinson. b. 10th March 1849. York Street, Sydney. N.S.W.d. 28th January 1864. Wattle Flat. N.S.W age 14y 11m.
    5/. Catharine Hutchinson.
    b. 28th October 1850. Paddington. N.S.W.m. 15th May 1876 at Kelso. N.S.W to John Tettler Brockwell.d. 5th March 1922. Bathurst. N.S.W age 71.
    6/. William Goodwin Hall Hutchinson.b. 28th January 1853. Walberton. N.S.W.m. 2nd August 1875 at Wattle Flat. N.S.W to Mary Anne Elizabeth Hodges.d. 28th September 1917. Wattle Flat. N.S.W, age 64.
    7/. John Hutchinson. b. 4th February 1854. Sofala. N.S.W.d. 14th August 1924. Wattle Flat. N.S.W age 70.
    8/. Febi. Hutchinson. b. 13 August 1855. Sofala. N.S.Wm. 1882. Bathurst. N.S.W to George Frederick Clark.d. 12th March 1887. Wattle Flat. N.S.W age 31.
    9/. Sarah Hutchinson. b. 21st March 1857. Wattle Flat. N.S.W.m. 2nd August 1875. Wattle Flat. N.S.W to,William Henry Hodges.d. 25th October 1841. Mudgee. N.S.W age 84.
    10/. Bridget Hutchinson. b. 1st September 1859. Wattle Flat. N.S.W.m. 1892. Bathurst. N.S.W to. Conrad Watts.d. 25th February 1942. Wattle Flat. N.S.W age 82.

    History & Achievements :

    Alexander Thomas Hutchinson enlisted in Ireland on the 20th March 1838 as a Private in the 99th Regiment of Foot (Lanarkshire Volunteers).
    On the 2nd April 1842, the 3rd detachment, under Captain Daywith 60 troops, departed Spithead, England as Guard on the convict barque, "Candahar" with 250 prisoners bound for Hobart Town, Van Dieman's Land where they landed after a passage of 109 days on the 20th July 1842.
    Also on the "Candahar" were the soldier's families and government stores.
    Twenty days later, on the 10th August 1842 the "Candahar" departed Hobart Town with the 3rd detachment from the 99th Regiment of Foot along with their families and government stores where they arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the 16th August 1842.
    On the 17th August 1842, Private Alexander Hutchinson was noted on the Pay and Musters Records as being assigned to Maitland, New South Waleson Garrison duty.
    Private Alexander Hutchinson married Margaret Forde on the 12th September 1843 at Morpeth, (near Maitland) New South Wales.
    Early in 1846, Private Alexander Hutchinson was transferred back to the George's Square Barracks in Sydney.
    Private Alexander Hutchinson was discharged from the 99th Regiment of Foot and became "non-effective" on the 1st of July 1848 at Sydney. N.S.W.
    On the 15th July 1848, Alexander Hutchinson was appointed as a Police Constable in the District of Sydney Police Establishment on a monthly pay of four pounds, five shillings and three pence, where eighteen months later he resigned on the 31st December 1849.
    On the 23rd December 1851, Alexander Hutchinson was appointed as a Trooper in the Gold Escort Police at Walberton. N.S.W in the Western District, on a yearly pay of 59 Pounds, 6 Shillings and 3 Pence,
    plus rations and clothing.
    Two of the many duties of a Trooper were escorting the transport of gold either as a Mounted Trooper, or riding as Guard in the carriage, and the collection of gold miner's fees of 30 shillings per month,which was payable in advance.
    The Chief Gold Commissioner in Sydney, (John Richard) Hardy stated, "At the goldfield, a policeman may get as much drink as he likes at every tent he comes to; there are more temptations to drink than anywhere else, and there are constant changes in consequence"
    In May 1852 the Chief Gold Commissioner in Sydney, John Richard Hardy Esq. ordered that Trooper Hutchinson and three other Troopers be dismissed for "drunkenness and negligence".
    On receiving these orders, the Assistant Gold Commissioner in Sofala, Harold Maclean initially dismissed the four Troopers.
    Some days later Assistant Gold Commissioner Maclean then wrote a lengthy correspondence to the Chief Gold Commissioner Hardy in Sydney outlining the reasons to have Trooper Hutchinson reinstated on his outstanding army and police record of sixteen years.
    Trooper Alexander Hutchinson was reinstated.
    On the 1st February 1853, Trooper Alexander Hutchinson was transferred from Walberton to Sofala. N.S.W, in the Western District.
    Trooper Alexander Hutchinson was dismissed from the Gold Escort Police,Western District on the 23rd January 1854. The charge was, "Drunk on duty".
    Records indicate that Alexander Hutchinson then became a gold miner at Washing Gully, near Hill End. N.S.W.
    Land Records indicate that Alexander Hutchinson purchased land at Wattle Flat. N.S.W in August 1869, February 1876 and October 1876.
    Alexander Hutchinson's wife, Margaret, died of pneumonia, on the 21st December 1876 at the age of 56 at Wattle Flat. N.S.W.
    Alexander Hutchinson also died of pneumonia, on the 18th October 1887 at the age of 72 at Wattle Flat. N.S.W.
    Both Alexander Hutchinson and his wife, Margaret, are buried at the Wattle Flat Catholic Cemetery, Wattle Flat. N.S.W.
    On Alexander Hutchinson's death certificate, it is noted,Time in Australian Colonies : "48 years in N.S.W"
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