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Sergeant Henry Hodgson (1824.......)

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  • Born :  2nd May 1824
  • Where Born :   Bolsover, Derby
  • Occupation :   Labourer / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 23 August 1853
  • Ship Arrived on : " Castle Eden "
  • Port Arrived :  Sydney
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant
  • Date of Army Enlistment :  30th Regiment of Foot 
  • Where Enlisted Army :
  • Regimental # :
  • Date Discharged Army :
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names : Joseph Haywood & Hannah Timpley
  • Spouse's Name : Ellen Feely
  • Date Married : 16th October 1845
  • Where Married : Aglish, Mayo, Ireland
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 23 August 1853
  • Ship Arrived on : " Castle Eden "
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried

    Information by Chris Hall This soldier is a bit of a mystery. While dates line up confirmation is hard. If anyone knows more please contact Chris
    Johnís wife Ellen is shown as being born in Kingston, Upper Canada.  (The 68th Durham Light Infantry Regiment of Foot was serving in Fort George, Kingston around this time.  There is a record of a birth of a boy to a Patrick & Mary FEELY in Sept. 1821.  Patrick is shown as a Private in the 68th.) The 30th Reg of Foot did not come to Australia and John Haywood does not appear in subsequent census returns nor in any record of the Regiment I can find.  I can find no record of their arrival in NSW or of John or Ellen's demise. According to the records a Sergeant John Haywood arrived with elements of the 1st/11th in 1853.  This would fit the time line of what is known quite well. On the 4th June 1854 John's 2nd son John was born.  He was baptised on the 20th September 1854 and Johnís abode is shown as Victoria Barracks, Sydney
    22nd May 1856 on daughter Elizabeth's Baptism cert. address is shown as Victoria Barracks, Sydney On the 12th April 1857 the birth of Johnís 3rd son, Charles took place at 137 South Head Rd. Paddington, NSW.  At the time John is in Sofala, NSW serving as a Sergeant of Gold Police (he is shown as the informant and registration of birth took place 25th July 1857). Charles is shown as the son of a soldier on his Burial certificate (June 11, 1857).November 1857 Johnís 2nd son John, born 4th June 1854, drowned in a water hole, Turon River, Sofala.  John Snr's occupation shown as Sergeant in Gold Escort. In the 1850's the 1st/11th Devonshire Regiment of Foot manned Victoria Barracks in Sydney. There is a record of 2 John Haywood's serving on Garrison duty with the 1st / 11th Regiment. 
    The 11th Foot sailed from Sydney on 25 October 1857, bound for Britain, after nearly twelve years in Australia.  About 100 men from the 1st/11th Devonshire Regiment remained in Sydney. These soldiers had applied to be discharged and it had been approved before the 11th went home. 
    Gold escorts were implemented shortly after gold was discovered and to secure the large gold masses, much was escorted under armed police guard from the gold fields to larger settlements with more secure premises.
    There is a record of a JOHN HAYWOOD enlisting to fight in the New Zealand wars of the early 1860's. 
    2nd Regiment - WAIKATO MILITIA
    Whose men were sourced mainly from Otago, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland for the NZ Land Wars of the 1860ís.
    Regiment No.: 152
    Name:  Haywood, John
    Enlistment: 27 August 1863
    Place: Sydney
    Born Parish: Bolsover, Derby
    Trade: Gardener
    Age:  40
    Size (Ft, Ins) 5 - 7
    Ship:  Kate
    Variation Page No:  76
    Date and cause for becoming Non-effective:  None stated
    General Observation, Comment:  Married, 4 Children.
    1923 - Daughter Emma's death certificate -  shows John Haywood - Army Sergeant.
    The 2 eldest offspring of John and Ellen Haywood,  Mary Ann & Joseph show up in Mudgee, NSW while the surviving girls, Elizabeth and Emma appear in Tambaroora / Hill End area around the late 1860ís.
    What happened to John & Ellen Haywood?  Did they migrate to New Zealand?  For some reason on Emma Haywoodís marriage certificate she is shown as Adopted by a Gold Miner named Comer/Gomer.


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