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Private George Moore ( 1825.......1906.)

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  • Born :  29 January 1825
  • Where Born : Sheffield, England
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived :   1854 into Adelaide
  • Ship Arrived on : " Sir Thomas Gresham "
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Enlistment :
  • Where Enlisted :
  • Date of Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :  Adelaide, SA
  • Died :  1906
  • Where Died / Buried :  Adelaide, SA
  • Parents Names : William Moore, (b.....d.) Martha Jackson (b.....d.)
  • Spouse's Name :  Eliza (nee Gibbs)
  • Date Married : December, 1849
  • Where Married : Malton, Yorkshire, UK
  • Spouse 's Parents : George Gibbs, Jane Rogers
  • Born :  Abt 1830,
  • Where Born : Pembroke, South Wales
  • Occupation :  16 October 1904
  • Date Arrived :   1854 into Adelaide
  • Ship Arrived on : " Sir Thomas Gresham "
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :Adelaide, SA




  • Descendants

    Some Information   was Supplied by   Barbara Moore

    Area Settled :  
    Children :
    William  George(b... 1851.d 1906)
    Edwin (b..1853...d 1915)
     Frank Collingham (b.13th January, 1856. .....d.  5/2/1938)
    Charles Marcus, (b. 1861....d)
    Percy Henry ( b 1861  d )
    John Albert (b.. 1863...d)
    Eliza (b. 1866....d 1866 ) Eliza did not survive her first year
    History & Achievements :
    Much more can be seen at
     George Moore, Sapper arrived on the along with his wife and two small sons,
    Barbara Moore  copy of page 125 of a chapter called The Royal Engineers in South Australia – title of book unknown where George is listed as “surveying in the filed, assisting Cpl. Crocker.
    South Australian Government Gazette of Oct 13, 1864 P 865:  Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide, Oct 7th 1864.  By virtue of the powers vested in me by clause I of the Licensed Surveyors Act, 1859.  I hereby appoint Mr. George Moore to be a licensed Surveyor under the said Act, Arthur Blyth, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration.
    In the South Australian Government Gazette Feb. 23, 1882 page 720 in the top left hand corner was the following.
    Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide, February 22, 1882.  In virtue of powers vested in me by clause 9 of the Licensed Surveyors Act of 1859, I hereby revoke the licence granted to Mr George Moore on October the 6th, 1864, to make surveys and practise as a licensed surveyor.  Alfred Catt, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration.
    Copies of correspondence from George to the powers that be wherein he explained the reasons as to why a survey was incorrect, faulty equipment, a long trip back to “town” etc etc
    I do not know if his license was every granted again. 
    In 1886 her wrote to his son Charles.
    I am sorry to say I have nothing to do yet.  Mr Rees. MP is trying to get me something on the Exhibition but I am afraid nothing can be done till the holidays are over.  I am 3 weeks behind with my lodging or room and no one to look to for help.  I wish with all my heart I was dead as I am useless to myself or any one else.”


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