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Corporal William Fitzjames Gayne (1830.........)

Settled in New Zealand
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Area Settled :
New Zealand
Children :
History & Achievements :
William joined the Imperial army (99th Regiment) under the name of William itzjames GEANE  on 15 March 1851 at Liverpool.
(W.O. 12/9814-9822 Musters of 99th Regt.)
1  July 1851     Embarked for New South Wales.
31 Dec 1855    Transferred to 65th Regt. in New Zealand from Tasmania.
(W.O. 12/7426-7437 Musters of 65th Regt.)
1 Jan. 1856.     From 99th Regt. Rationed on Southern Cross, 1-11 Feb.
1 Oct. 1860     Transferred to Commissariat Staff Corps at Taranaki. Rank
Place of birth:   Sneem, Kerry
Trade when enlisted:     clerk.
(W.O. 12/10655-10657, 10670 Musters of Commissariat Staff Corps)
June 1868        Last Muster of the Corps at Auckland.  Rank then held by
W.F. Geane; 1st class clerk.
(W.O.12 /10462-10468 Musters of Army Service Corps)
17 June 1873   Discharged to pension at Manchester.  His rate of pay as 1st
class clerk was 4s 9d  per day.   Regimental number 946.
(W.O.97/2150 Regular Army Soldiers Documents, A.S.C.)
Had a medal for Good Conduct and Long Service and for New Zealand War.
Intended place of residence:  Auckland N.Z."
William did settle in Auckland, then moved to New Plymouth where he is
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